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Tips on getting an accurate psychic reading

It can be challenging to see if a psychic is accurate when some of the thing they are telling you are for the future.  Here are some quick tips and questions to ask yourself to see if your psychic is accurate.  

When you get into your reading, do you feel like the person on the phone seems knowledgeable on they type of situation you are dealing with.  For instance, if you are dealing with a love question, does the psychic reader pick up on the issue when you get on the phone?  Also, does the information from the psychic seem to make sense for your particular situation?  You must ask yourself if the reader seems to be accurate on the entire situation as a whole before focusing on certain questions.  

When the psychic is reading, does he or she seem interested in your problem and focus in on your problem?  The psychic should be willing and wanting to help you figure out how to deal with a certain problem.  

We don't look for life coaches or counseling in our readings.  We want readers who can focus on the past, present or future without judgement.  There is a place for life coaching and personal counseling, but it's not on a psychic line.  That is not what we are here for.  

Always take notes during your psychic readings and write down any specific questions for the psychic ahead of getting the reading.  If you take notes, there may be a small specific detail that will be in the notes and when you look back on the notes at a later date, you will be amazed by the accuracy.   Also, if you take time to write down your questions ahead of time, it helps focus your thoughts on the areas of life you want to focus on.