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Thanksgiving Food for Sun Signs

The psychic line by Paramount Solutions, Inc. wishes everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving.  In order to make your celebration even more fun, we have some culinary suggestions for the sun signs in your life.

If you are serving an Aries food, remember that they like their food fast and spicy.  They prefer small plates and like to share.  A suggestion for a snack would be a hot queso dip with taco chips to warm up their appetite.  Just put out the food and let them browse.  You will have a very happy Aries.  They will snack all day!

As far as Taurus goes for Thanksgiving, they want lots of high quality food.  Do not scrimp on the ingredients.  They especially are interested in deserts.  Chocolate is a huge favorite with Taureans.  They truly love Thanksgiving and will show their gratitude by cleaning their plates.

Geminis usually prefer good conversation to food.  They like to express their creativity with food.  Have them bring a favorite creation as a dish to pass.  This will make everyone happy because Geminis can be kitchen wizards.

Cancers love to cook.  They are all about home and hearth.  Homemade food from grandma's recipe book will make them happy.  Have them help you in the kitchen.  They will try just about anything as long as the food is high quality.  Cancers are wonderful company at the dinner table because they love food, family and friends.

Leos love luxury food.  They are happy to share in the bounty.  They are happy dining in or out.  Thanksgiving for a Leo is more about sharing the experience with loved ones.  They want good food, but good company is more important to them.

Virgos are picky eaters.  They prefer traditional dishes which they are able to prepare in a delicious - yet thrifty manner.  Waste not want not works well for Virgo.  They do not like to throw away food.  Make sure the Thanksgiving feast does not overwhelm them.  Virgos like good food and are able to contribute their practical and yummy approach to Thanksgiving.

Libras love food.  They want to eat everything.  They love snacks, salads, main course, deserts, and everything else Thanksgiving provides.  Presentation is almost as important as flavor to Librans.  Ask your Libras to set the table and choose the wine.  Ordinary foods will not wow your Libra on Thanksgiving.  Gourmet all the way for your Libras.

Scorpios love Thanksgiving.  Comfort food with lots of calories makes Thanksgiving their favorite holiday.  They love spicy food, but will gamely try whatever is offered.  Make sure you have lots of spices available - especially pepper of all sorts.  Your Scorpio will be most appreciative of you holiday efforts.  You may be amazed at the amount of food they can eat in one day!

Capricorns are hard workers.  Thanksgiving means that there will or should be lots of homemade, well prepared food.  Quality is more important than quantity.  They also tend to like salt.  Make sure the salt shaker is available for their use at the table.  Capricorns need a calm atmosphere in order to enjoy their Thanksgiving.  A formal, sit-down meal will make them happy.

Aquarians know how to enjoy food.  They are not afraid to try new things.  Aquarians especially prefer vegetables and often can skip the meat part of the meal.  Have your Aquarian make an interesting side dish that contains vegetables or fruit.  They will be happy as long as there is coffee and munchies available throughout the day!

Pisceans are traditional.  They are very sentimental and prefer their Thanksgiving celebration to reflect past years.  The look of the food is more important to them than taste.  Make sure you provide them with a pretty table, good company and fine drinks.  

We hope that these Thanksgiving Food Suggestions for Sun Signs help you make the most of your Thanksgiving.  

The most important reason for this holiday is to remember to pause and give thanks for the wonderful bounty in our lives.  Thank you all.  

The Psychic Line by Paramount Solutions, Inc. want you to Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.  Talk to you soon.