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Sun Sign Social Media Tips

Social Media is a big part of life for most people. It can be a great way to stay connected with friends, family, acquaintances, work network, people with similar interests, etc. There are a lot of options out there. How should you enhance your Social Media presence in order to make and maintain a good impression?  

Sun Sign Social Media Tips might provide. Our psychic hotline has lots of Social Media available for our clients and followers to enjoy. We have a Blog, Facebook Page, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter account, and a large Yout-Tube following that provide you with opportunities to explore the psychic experience. Don’t forget to follow us on Social Media.

Some suggestions to enhance your Social Media experience follow by Sun Sign.

ARIES - You have a love of showing off. You like to share your accomplishments and rewards with others. There is usually never a dull moment with an Aries. You need to avoid arguing and going to war with people on social media, it’s a waste of time and effort. Instead, strap on a GoPro and share some of your adventures. Your best Social Media outlet is probably YouTube or Tick Tock where you can share the action and avoid the drama. Your followers will be able to share the adventure without getting burned!

TAURUS - You love beautiful things. Your feeds are probably full of beautiful photos of pretty people, lush gardens, decorated homes and fantastic outdoor shots of sunsets, stars, and clouds. Try not to be repetitive with your photos in your feeds. Also, don’t engage if someone makes a snarky comment. You will tend to waste a lot of time on stubbornness when you could be sharing something wonderful instead. Your best Social Media outlet is probably Instagram where you can share the beauty of your wonderful world. All of your followers will probably appreciate your beautiful photos of your world. 

GEMINI - You are the sign of communication. Your Social Media presence probably has a little bit of this and a little bit of that. You are not limited in how you present things. Since you are very multi-faceted, you have many online opportunities to share many things. This flexibility is right up your alley. So many ideas, personas, photos, new products, etc. Where to begin! Your best Social Media outlets are probably Facebook or Twitter.  Facebook groups here you come! Your followers usually enjoy your ability to be first with new and exciting things or products.

CANCER - You are the sign that really, really loves home and hearth. You are sentimental and may be a bit of a hoarder. It’s ok to throw things away. You should block people that are negative. Negativity really upsets you. Avoid stupid political memes. Erase them from your news feeds. Your best bet is to share photos of your beautiful home, suggestions on how to make your home more beautiful, and great pictures of yummy food. Your best bets for Social Media are probably Instagram and Pinterest. These outlets share nice photos, not a lot of stupid comments that may hurt your feelings. Your followers are probably dying to share your latest decorating or foodie ideas. 

LEO - You are the star brightly shining in your own universe. Your probably have lots of selfies and head shots that show you at your fantastic best. You are probably great at taking photos. Something not looking its best will usually drive you insane. Your best approach is to set up your own blog that features make-up, hair styles, great food, etc. An audience that listens is what you probably seek. As far as Social Media, you would probably do well with Instagram, Pinterest, or a well thought out You-Tube Channel. Feedback is not your thing, You love to give and be thanked by your dedicated followers for your wisdom. Your followers are probably fascinated by you being you.

VIRGO - You love organization and details. The opportunity to share the best way to get something accomplished is right up your alley. You never saw a flowchart you did not like. There are many opportunities to share your strong work ethic and unsurpassed attention to detail. You should avoid nitpicking on other people’s newsfeeds. They probably will not appreciate your efforts. What you see as helpful, they may see as unnecessary criticism. Your best Social Media outlets are probably Pinterest  for detailed organizational charts and Quora where you can advise others and share your knowledge. You will attract discerning followers that appreciate the right way to do things.

LIBRA - You are probably on every single application that allows you to communicate with others. Avoid getting too involved in Facebook drama, don’t try to solve every problem you see because you need harmony, and don’t use social media in place of connecting with real people. Your need for company may make you vulnerable to a catfish. Be careful. The best Social Media Outlets for you are probably Pinterest where you can share things you like and Reddit where you can read all about problems people face and try to help. You will probably attract followers that appreciate you and your wonderfulness on these applications.

SCORPIO - You are probably not a big fan of Social Media. You might do searches in order to satisfy your need for answers. Scorpios never give up fact finding. You are generally very interested in a sensualized presentation full of lush images. Fine food, pretty people, fast cars, yachts, the good life are probably things you enjoy seeing. If someone insults you online, they had better be ready to defend themselves. You tend not to take nasty criticism well and may have a problem letting go of your anger. Do not be a social media stalker. Your best Social Media choices will probably be SnapChat, You-Tube, or Tumblr. Lots of photos, not a lot of comments. Your followers will appreciate your dedication to truth. 

SAGITTARIUS - You probably only like Social Media when it gives you the opportunity to experience new ideas, places or people. As far as gossip, you are not interested. When it comes to events, you are right there checking things out. You are not a fan of reading about other people’s problems and are not at all interested in their sad feelings or drama. Since Sagittarius is innovative and doesn’t really care what others think, they will probably shine in areas where they can let people know about new things. Your best Social Media choices are probably Instagram - where you can share photos of your latest, cool adventure or You-Tube. Your followers usually appreciate you ability to find and share new events and adventures.

CAPRICORN - Your use of Social Media is probably somewhat limited. You are all about just the facts. You generally do not engage in any drama or respond to stupid memes. You may share something interesting that shows people how to do something like organize their life better. You are fascinated with the idea of self-improvement. It is even better when you can help others improve. Your biggest pitfall might be your tendency to come off as critical of other people. Once something is out there on the internet, it is open to lots of different interpretations. The less you react to others shortcomings, the better. Your best Social Media outlets are probably Linked In or Pinterest. You can share your organizational skills without inadvertently hurting anyone else’s feelings. Your followers will appreciate your knowledge and wisdom.

AQUARIUS - You probably love and hate Social Media.. Your interest in humanity knows no bounds. Reading about what is going on in the world may be somewhat of an addiction. You are environmentally conscious, aware of geo-politics, interested in education, love animals, see the big picture and understand how the pieces fit, and are appreciative of what life has to offer. You need to avoid the political pettiness that seems to thrive online. You do much better if you stick to saving the planet in a positive way. People probably enjoy your photos of old trees, horses, dogs, kittens, and other beautiful examples of life on earth. Your best Social Media outlets are probably Pinterest, Facebook Groups, and Reddit. These outlets give you the opportunity to share ideas and photos with those that have a common interest. Your followers will generally appreciate you depth of knowledge about life in general.

PISCES - People share feelings on Social Media. Sweet Pisceans are all about sharing feelings, dreams, and things about people. Philosophical discussions about abstract subjects are right up your alley. Try to avoid being sucked into donating money to Go Fund Me accounts. Check carefully before you pony up a dime. Your natural sympathy might be easy for someone to exploit for their own purposes. You may get your feelings hurt if your friends make fun of your ability to understand the spirit world. It is probably a good idea to save that type of discussion for groups that explore that area. Your best choice of Social Media outlets are probably Twitter, Quora, or Facebook. These applications provide you the opportunity to interact with other people. Your followers will probably enjoy your imaginative, esoteric approach to life.

We hope these Social Media Sun Sign Tips help you enjoy the wonderful opportunities for knowledge, enjoyment, growth, opportunities, communication, and fun that each application provides.

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If you have issues, we have insight. Social Media plays a big part in the lives of most people these days. Enjoy the above-mentioned tips and take control of your Social Media experience.

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