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How is your summer going to pan out?  A quick check of your astrological sign may reveal some interesting, general trends.  A focused tarot card and/or clairvoyant reading should be able to further connect the dots for you.

Aries – Should be an interesting summer despite the Mercury Retrograde that ends July 20, 2013.  This summer may provide you with a new interest or a renewal in your current love life.  August 27th and beyond should be strawberries and cream for lucky Aries.  Enjoy your pursuit of love.

Taurus – Looks like your love life should heat up after July 22nd.  Venus is on your side this summer.  You should be able to enjoy some wonderful pillow talk and shared passion.  Sounds like there is the potential for a good summer of love for earthy Taurus.

Gemini – Seems like the beginning of summer may provide you with too many opportunities causing some confusion.  Be careful to not send mixed signals to others.  Things in the romance department should settle down and clarify after August 16th for about a month.  Sounds like you will not be bored!

Cancer – Since this summer seems to be all about change, you will probably have a lot on your plate emotionally.  Perhaps you are working through an issue with a current lover, recently ended a relationship, or are faced with making a decision about which person is best for you.  This summer seems to be karmic for Cancer, providing a reminder that Cancer needs to choose someone worthy.  Love should be more than obligation.

Leo – It appears that summer will be rather quiet in the romance department for our social Leos.  The Mercury Retrograde moves through your life and seems to make you more introspective than usual.  Instead of finding love at a party, you may stumble upon someone at a bookstore.   The best time for your love life should be June 26 – July 20.

Virgo – This summer may be really hot for our romantic Virgos.  The Mercury Retrograde may cause some miscues.  However, July 22  - August 16 looks like Virgo should be at the peak of attractiveness.  A friend may surprise you and turn into a lover.  The possibilities seem to be great.  If you are already involved, things should heat up nicely.  Lucky for Virgo.

Libra – Emotionally intense may be the way to describe the summer for sweet Libras.  If you are in a relationship that has stalled, you may get frustrated.  If you needs are not being addressed or fulfilled, you may decide to call the whole thing off.  If you meet someone new, things may move very quickly.  Issues that could be life altering may have to be faced by the middle of August.  Summer may be a little stormy for Libras.

Scorpio – This summer may provide some relationship hurdles for Scorpios.  Issues may require attention.  Scorpio may need to face the idea that their behavior and decisions affect others.  The road to love should be smoother by early fall.  Hopefully, Scorpio will learn to be a little more sensitive to the needs of their partner in order to have love prevail.

Sagittarius – Fear of intimacy and commitment may be an interesting hurdle for Sagittarius early this summer.  Problems with allowing someone really close may finally be resolved - making it possible for a rich, romantic love life!  A little insight into issues may help Sagittarius move forward with a revised, more positive attitude toward love.  Hopefully, by July 20th Sagittarius will have sorted it all out and enjoy summer fun.

Capricorn – Energy seems to be in abundance in the area of love for Capricorn.  This gift of energy should continue until around this time next year.  There may be some issues regarding a partner or loved one blowing things out of focus.  However, this should just be a minor dust up which Capricorn will probably be able to easily control by just listening.  Sounds like a summer, fall, winter and spring of good loving for Capricorns!

Aquarius – Sorry to say that Aquarius may be short of energy this summer.  Work will generally be the highlight of this sign.  This is not to say that there will be no opportunities for a little loving.  The best time for a renewal of a current love or reconnecting with an old love should be June 26 – July 20.  If you are in a relationships, your love life should be outstanding July 27  - August 27.  The summer probably won’t be a total wash after all.

Pisces – Love should also be in the air for Pisces this summer.  Starting June 25, Jupiter visits your house of romance and plans on staying there for an entire year.  The biggest issue for Pisces will probably be which way to go.  Old love.  New love.  True love.  Seems like summer may be hot, hot, hot!

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