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Mars Retrograde June 27 - August 28, 2018

Mars Retrograde started on June 27, 2018 in Aquarius, goes into Capricorn on August 13, 2018 and goes direct on August 28th in Capricorn. This will be a very strong Retrograde because of the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse on July 27th along with a Mercury Retrograde taking place at about the same time. 


The Summer Solstice takes place on June 21, 2018 and seems to combine with a strong Saturn Retrograde. The Solstice generally signals new beginnings or deeper understanding while the Saturn Retrograde seem to seek truth.

Chinese Astrology Year of the Wood Horse

The Chinese New Year 4712 began on January 31, 2014. This is the year of the Wooden Horse according to Chinese Astrology.



How is your summer going to pan out?  A quick check of your astrological sign may reveal some interesting, general trends.  A focused tarot card and/or clairvoyant reading should be able to further connect the dots for you.

Aries – Should be an interesting summer despite the Mercury Retrograde that ends July 20, 2013.  This summer may provide you with a new interest or a renewal in your current love life.  August 27th and beyond should be strawberries and cream for lucky Aries.  Enjoy your pursuit of love.

Are Psychics Christian?

Some psychics are Christian.  But, like people, psychics come from all walks of life and this includes from many different religions.  Many psychics consider themselves ecumenical, open minded, spiritual and willing to help.  It is not a psychic reader’s goal to change someone to believe a certain way, but to bring a client into a space where goodness and light can come into their life.