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Are Psychics Christian?

Some psychics are Christian.  But, like people, psychics come from all walks of life and this includes from many different religions.  Many psychics consider themselves ecumenical, open minded, spiritual and willing to help.  It is not a psychic reader’s goal to change someone to believe a certain way, but to bring a client into a space where goodness and light can come into their life.

We have had many people from many different backgrounds question us on where psychic energy comes from.  There is not one answer to this question.  Every single psychic reader that we have tested and/or had working with us draws their energy from a different source.  Their own specific background, religion (if the reader is religious), type of reader and reader’s past reflects in the energy they draw.  Some psychic readers read from a hunch or feeling, some have angel or spirit guides, some use some tarot cards and clairvoyance.  We have had so many different types of psychic readers, it is impossible to explain where each gets their energy for readings.

The client is always the best judge of a psychic reading.  Because each psychic reading is authentic and individual, it is tough to tell which reader will work for each client.  We can usually help a client choose because of their energy.