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5 characteristics of Scorpios

People who are born under the astrological star sign Scorpio are born from October 24 - November 22. They are generally - this depends on the rest of the astrological chart - very strong willed and mysterious. Scorpio men  and Scorpio women are passionate and intense. Here are five characteristics to help you deal with a Scorpio. 

1. Scorpios are driven. Scorpios are focused on their path and it is difficult to sway them from the path. They will stop at nothing to get what they want. They can be forceful in order to get what they want. 



How is your summer going to pan out?  A quick check of your astrological sign may reveal some interesting, general trends.  A focused tarot card and/or clairvoyant reading should be able to further connect the dots for you.

Aries – Should be an interesting summer despite the Mercury Retrograde that ends July 20, 2013.  This summer may provide you with a new interest or a renewal in your current love life.  August 27th and beyond should be strawberries and cream for lucky Aries.  Enjoy your pursuit of love.