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Soulmate or Life Partner or Both?

It is important to determine if the person you are dating is your soulmate or life partner. Hopefully, the person you are in love with is actually both your soulmate AND your life partner. It doesn't always work out that way and it can be hard to determine where you stand with the person you are married to or dating. 

A soulmate is a person who is perfectly suited for you. They make you feel whole. You are in love with his or her flaws. You feel like you have known them before and are comfortable with them. You have a strong attraction to each other. 

A life partner is a person who is there for you and helps you through life. This person and you might or might not share a romantic bond. But, you are kindred spirits who love and support each other through the ups and down of life. If a person is a life partner and not your soulmate, this is your best friend in the world. 

Most people when looking for love want to be in a relationship with their soulmate AND life partner. If you can find that person, you are extremely lucky and probably feel honored to be around that person. 

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