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Should I ask questions in a psychic reading? Do I have to ask questions in a psychic reading?

21 Dec

Should I ask questions in a psychic reading? Do I have to ask questions in a psychic reading?

You are more than welcome to ask questions during your reading. You are also more than welcome not to ask questions during your reading. It is completely up to you and your comfort level. 

We do recommend writing down questions and areas of focus before your reading. Whether or not you choose to ask about the areas of focus is completely up to the you. If you really want to focus on a particular area, definitely ask questions. If not, the reader will tell you what he or she is picking up and go from there. 

Cold readings (readings without questions) are interesting because the reader is picking up on all sorts of energy. You might get some information that you weren’t expecting. That is not a bad thing, it’s actually really helpful. The cold readings can be very interesting and lead you to a new direction.

Readings with questions tend to be a bit more focused. However, there may be times where you ask a certain question and the reader has different energy coming through. We always encourage the readers to tell their truth. And, by telling their truth, they can really pick up some things that seem irrelevant. We always tell clients to let the information flourish, listen closely and take notes. All information from the readers, whether or not the client believes it to be true, is important. The most off the wall predictions turn out to be very relevant in time.

We have clients call us back to tell us they thought a certain reader was inaccurate, only to call a couple months later to get another reading with the reader they complained about was spot on. 

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