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Review of the Theresa Caputo Live! Experience

Last night I went to see the Theresa Caputo Live! show at the CFE Arena at UCF. I had a wonderful time! I went with Michelle and Sandy. There were many points that we took from the show and we all have different aspects of it to share with all of our loyal clients. The first is that your loved ones are still with you, around you and live on because of your memory of them. Their energy is still around you and psychic mediums can and do pick up on that energy. The continuation of love that happens to all of us is sometimes hard to recognize. Paying close attention to symbols and small bits of information you can start to be thankful and recognize that they are still here and their energy lives on through you. When a psychic medium channels, it is important that the medium tells as much as possible that they are sensing because the tiniest little bit of information can help the psychic medium connect the pieces to validate the correct energy is communicating. Their love does not end because they are not present in the physical world.