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Reasons to CALL

Paramount Solutions, Inc. has been in business for over 17 years.  We have a uniquely personal approach to psychics and psychic readings.  Our goal is to provide our clients with the best psychic readings possible.  ALL readers are tested before they join the line.  

Our focus is on QUALITY.  We keep it under thirty psychic readers for a reason.  

Our Customer Service Agents have all been here for more than ten years. We pride ourselves on being connected with and helpful to our clients.  Customer service is available to explain terms (Do you really know the difference between an empath and a channeler?). We are happy to keep a history for you of whom you like and do not like.  We advise you to take notes.  We welcome feedback.

If you need help in how to approach your reading, ask us.  If you have a question about a reader, ask us.  If you do not understand a term, ask us.  We are happy to assist you choose your reader and the amount of time you want. You will know your payment in advance.  There is no running up of bills here.  The reading is for you, the client.  Take control of your reading.

Readers do not get to join this line unless they have qualities and abilities that make them valuable to our clients.  A reader that is “five star” for someone else, may not work for you.  Think about it.  Does everyone like the same restaurant?  A psychic reader is a highly personal choice.  Your chances of finding a psychic reader that works for you should be greatly improved by calling Paramount Solutions, Inc., talking to us, and letting us help you choose your advisor.

We feel our readers are among the best in the industry, we provide a five-minute guarantee, respect your privacy and offer great value.  Explore the possibilities.  We have clairvoyants, clairaudients, tarot card readers, mediums, pet psychics, relationship specialists, astrologers, people who can focus on business, channelers, etc.  

Give us a call; talk to us, we would love to help you.  1-800-966-2294

The Original Solution Psychics at The Psychic Line known for quality.

“We just knew you were going to call.”

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