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Psychic terms and occurrences on Stranger Things

Psychic terms and occurrences in Stranger Things - On Netflix this weekend. Here are some notes from Renee's Facebook Live.

Psychokinesis is what they are trying to get Eleven to do when they are experimenting on her. It is the ability to be able to influence items that you don’t physically touch. 

When Winona Rider’s character (Joyce Byers) is trying to figure out how to get Will (her son) back, the writing on the wall is an example of psychokinesis. The fun and horror movie aspect of this is that Will is taken to an alternate dimension - the Upside down. 

The writing on the wall is an example of psychokinesis. It is different than automatic writing because automatic writing is through a psychic medium with real time messages from a crossed over spirit. The upside down is an alternate dimension - the lights are influenced by psychokinesis from the other dimension to communicate with the mother. 

Eleven can listen to people and demons in the upside down through telepathy which happens in her deepened psychic state. 

We are super excited about seeing the new season that starts this weekend. It is such a great series AND we love that it uses psychic abilities for good. 

Telepathy is different from psychic mediumship - telepathy is communicating with someone without talking. Psychic mediumship is where a reader heightens their frequency in order to communicate with spirits of people who have crossed over. The spirit’s frequency needs to be lowered for the psychic medium to receive messages and psychic symbols.