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The Pet Psychic: Can My Dog or Cat Tell If I am Psychic?

The Pet Psychic: Can My Dog or Cat Tell If I am Psychic?

Animals communicate with each other telepathically, but did you know animals can also communicate with humans the same way? Pet psychics around the country are working to normalize telepathic communication between humans and animals. These psychics want to show the mainstream media that everyone has the ability to understand their pets with a little bit of practice.

What is a Pet Psychic?

A pet psychic is someone who can telepathically communicate with animals, whether living or dead. Psychics have extrasensory perceptions and can receive information that people with normal senses can't. Psychics are very intuitive and use their sensitive intuition to communicate with animals.

Because non-psychics cannot have a conversation with their pets, they rely on psychics to help mediate. Pet owners hire animal psychics for many different reasons:

  • To communicate with a deceased pet to bring closure to the owner
  • To connect with a lost animal in hopes of reuniting the owner 
  • To figure out why a pet is acting differently or strangely
  • To find the source of an animal's pain or illness

Pet psychics can help strengthen the bonds between pets and owners by acting as a mediator to help the owners reach a deeper understanding of their pets. If a pet is acting strange, it may be because they are sick or in pain and unable to express that to their owners. Pet psychics can help uncover this and get the pet the medical attention it needs.

Pet psychics can also help to find the root cause of a behavioral change or issue and assist the owners with fixing this issue. Having a mutual understanding is important for a healthy owner-pet relationship; communication is key!

Does My Pet Know I'm Psychic?

Can your pet tell that you have psychic abilities? Some psychics would argue that pets can indeed tell if a person has psychic skills. This is due to animals having a keen sensitivity to high energy levels and spirituality.

Animals have sharpened intuition thanks to the natural instincts they were born with, and this intuition- along with their heightened observation- allows them to "sniff out" whether a person is more or less adept at telepathy and communication.

Some people have also wondered if their pets are psychic. You say the word 'walk' in your head and all of a sudden your dog is excitedly waiting at the door, barking and wagging his tail. Psychologists and psychics believe that animals have something similar to psychic abilities. Thanks to their sensitivity to energies, animals can sense what we are feeling and even predict events before they happen, like natural disasters.

Animals have something that psychologists call ESP, or extrasensory perception. Their senses are much more heightened and sensitive than a normal human's senses, meaning they can gather more information than a human can. This is how animals can telepathically communicate with each other and with humans

What Attracts Animals to Someone

Maybe you've noticed that animals seem to gravitate to you or someone you know like a magnetic force. Introverted or quiet pets get excited when they see you and wild animals seem to stop and pay attention to you more than other people. You may have thought to yourself, "are animals attracted to me?" Have you ever wondered why this is?

A popular quote says that animals are great judges of character. This is due to their observational skills and heightened sense of feeling energies. Animals are particularly more attracted to people that have higher energy levels than others. This higher energy could be a result of a person's psychic abilities.

Animals are drawn to psychics and high energy because these people feel more trustworthy and empathetic to the animals than normal people. One reason for this could be because psychics and animals can communicate with each other, which makes the animal trust and like them more. Animals want to be heard and understood, so they are drawn to those that can better understand them.

Communicating With Your Pet

Animal communication is more than just reading body language. Communicating with animals is done through telepathy. You don't have to have special powers or be a professional pet psychic to communicate with your pet; this is a skill anyone can achieve with practice.

Your pet won't talk to you telepathically the same way you'd have a conservation with your coworker. Animals don't think or communicate in full sentences using language the same way humans do; instead, animals think and communicate using their senses. Your pet will communicate with you by sending thoughts over in the forms of images, words, sounds, smells, or feelings. 

There is a certain "right" way to communicate telepathically with animals. It can be challenging but don't give up after the first try. To learn how to communicate with your pet, practice these steps:

  1. Enter a Quiet Room
  2. Sit Next to Your Pet
  3. Say Pet's Name Telepathically 
  4. Send an Image of Your Pet
  5. Ask Your Pet to Do Something
  6. Ask if There's Anything You Can Do
  7. Acknowledge Each Answer You Get

1. Enter a Quiet Room

Bring your animal into a quiet room with you to avoid them getting distracted by outside noises. A quiet area is a perfect environment to allow for uninterrupted communication between you and your pet. You don't want the communication wavelengths and energy frequencies muddled by any background noises.

2. Sit Next to Your Pet

Sitting close to your pet at eye level helps improve telepathic communication. If you and your pet were on opposite sides of a room, the telepathic waves would be weaker and your pet may become uninterested or distracted. By sitting near them, you can strengthen the communication waves, hold their attention easier, and show them physical affection by petting them.

3. Say Pet's Name Telepathically

Once you've found a quiet area and are sitting near your pet, say your pet's name telepathically to get their attention. If they don't look at you the first time you think it, keep trying until they do. As you're saying your pet's name in your head, imagine sending their name to them using the invisible waves between you.

Focus intently on your energy and on opening your mind. Say their name in your head as if you were saying it out loud. By focusing on your intentions and goals, you can better connect with your pet.

4. Send an Image of Your Pet

After getting their attention, imagine sending a picture of your pet to them telepathically. Seeing an image of themselves will help your pet better understand that you are talking to them. Make sure to fully form and visualize the image so it is clear and not blurry when you send it.

5. Ask Your Pet to Do Something

Once you've established a telepathic connection, test out your new skill by asking your pet to do a simple action, such as telling your dog to sit or lie down. Form an image of the action you want them to do, and keep repeatedly thinking of the action until the picture is very clear. Once it is clear, send the image to your pet via the energy wavelengths; imagine the image floating out from your forehead and into theirs.

6. Ask if There's Anything You Can Do

Ask your pet if there's anything specific they want you to do for them. Send your question in the form of an image or feeling. Your pet may send you a sign in the form of a feeling, image, or emotion. Accept the first sign or answer you get, even if it feels like your imagination created it. Your intuition is powerful, so trust it!

7. Acknowledge Each Answer You Get

Acknowledge and respond to each answer you get to keep up the communication line between your pet. Your pet wants to feel heard and understood, so acknowledging them will help them feel validated and keep the telepathic communication strong.

Improving Your Natural Abilities

Everyone is born with the ability to communicate telepathically; most people forget how to as they grow older. Pet psychics are those who never lost their ability or practiced and got it back. With a little bit of studying and practice, you can gain those skills back and improve your natural psychic abilities 

We want to help you on your journey of self-discovery and bonding with your beloved pet. To learn more about opening your mind, communicating with animals, and improving your energy levels, head on over to our Learn More page to see how we can help open the pathways of communication between you and your pet.