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New Years Resolutions by Astrology Sun Sign

Happy New Year to all. It is a fun time of year to make a New Year’s Resolution. The Psychic Line by Paramount Solutions, Inc. thought you would enjoy a Resolution Break Down that targets your sun sign. Here are some of our suggestions:

ARIES - Slow it down. Take a moment to reflect instead of jumping right into things. You don’t need to charge at ever windmill in sight. Try thinking about others instead of just yourself and whatever strikes your fancy at the moment. If you have a loved one, try to think about what they want, need or desire. It is not all just about you. Make love, not war.

TAURUS - It will probably be a great idea to just get moving. Don’t just stop stand there and stare at people. It is off putting. Also, try to avoid charging straight ahead in order to correct or react to a situation. You have peripheral vision for a reason. Use it. If you look at the big picture, you may be pleasantly surprised. Avoid giving off that stalker vibe if things don’t work out. If you look, you will find other fish in the sea.

GEMINI - Try to slow it down and pay attention to details. While you have wonderful skills when it comes to multitasking, you might want to fully focus on doing one thing at a time and actually finishing something. Also, try listening to other people instead of talking, talking, talking. Be careful of spreading gossip.It may come back and bite you. Also, try to avoid getting too involved with someone other than your significant other. Your main love may not appreciate it if you are communicating with someone other than them.

CANCER - You do know that you don’t have to hide at home if something does not go your way. Also, avoid drowning your sorrows by eating too much food. If you are going to stick to hanging out at home, take this opportunity to go enjoy old pictures, vintage records albums, organize your closet (which is probably full of old clothes you no longer wear), etc. Don’t get stuck by trying to live in the past. Put yourself out there and make some new memories for the New Year.

LEO - It is not about you all of the time.Take a time out from gazing at yourself in the mirror and have a look around. There are all kinds of beauty to behold. Let go of the drama when things do not go your way. You don’t have to be perfect all the time. Actually, you are not perfect all the time. If someone points out a flaw or contradicts one of your wonderful ideas, don’t scream, yell or take offense. Everyone has disagreements. Take it for what it is worth. You do not need constant applause and adulation.

VIRGO - Try to back off on trying to “help” other people. When you catalogue and list their faults or areas that need improvement, you might alienate them. You may think you are looking out for others by pointing out their shortcomings, but sometimes you need to keep your observations to yourself. Your ability to take on responsibility and get things done correctly is admirable. Focus on the big picture and enjoy the beauty around you. Try to ignore any little flaws that present themselves and take a look at and soak in the beauty of it all.

LIBRA - You should make a quick decision about something and forgo consulting with anyone and everyone before you move forward. Confrontation is sometimes necessary. Put on your big girl pants and stick up for yourself. Quit making your friends fight your battles for you. An angry Libra is a force to be reckoned with. Also, you are socially attractive and fun. Try to avoid letting your mind wander while other people are talking. People get confused when they lose your focus in the middle of a conversation. We know you don’t want to be alone, but be selective about your friends or loved ones. Company for its own sake is beneath you.

SCORPIO - It’s nice that you remember every little conversation, slight or insult right down to the last detail. You also like to get to the bottom of things. There has never been a conspiracy theory that does not intrigue you. If you are in love with someone, you have to trust your partner and take their wants and needs into consideration. People are often surprised at the power of your memory and the depth of your determination. Try not to carry a grudge for too long. People may think you are crazy - especially your Air Sign friends who only think about something for about ten seconds. Focus on your strength, passion, and love-making abilities to make your New Year’s dreams come true.

SAGITTARIUS - Exploration and new things are grand. Freedom, freedom, freeeeedom are at the top of your list. New things are great, but don’t forget to make sure you have a solid foundation to build on. If you don’t have a solid foundation, you may find yourself suddenly being sucked into quicksand that could have easily been avoided if you had bothered to take a look. Also, when people have a problem, don’t just blow them off and tell them everything’s going to be fine. Show a little interest. Your inherent honesty, when tempered with a little tact, should prove to be a valuable asset as you move through the New Year.

CAPRICORN - You are excellent at making plans and executing them successfully. You are extremely observant and able to spot and warn others about shortcomings or problems they may end up facing. However, your method of delivering information usually needs a filter. People can’t use the information or help you offer if they feel attacked. Also, watch your facial expressions. Try not to show disgust. Practice flashing your beautiful smile at people. You catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.

AQUARIUS - Instead of stewing about the needs of humanity, try to make life a little better for those in your immediate circle. You probably have an unconventional group of friends that don’t necessarily follow the rules. Just be careful not to go too far and get into trouble with the law. Try to remember to skip continuously talking about the sorry state of the world. People are not necessarily interested in hearing all about it over and over again. They do appreciate your intelligence depth of caring that you show. Take a minute to love and care for those in your immediate circle. You are unique, funny, and kind. Spread the joy.

PISCES - Try to focus on what you are doing right this moment. Do not let your mind wander to what you had for dinner 15 years ago on your birthday. Be careful about how you project yourself to others. You seem to have a fashion flare that others may not quite understand or appreciate. Also, don’t think out loud when you are in the company of other people. It is confusing when you just start talking, but are not talking to them or anyone in particular. Imagination is a good thing, however, don’t confuse it with reality. You are very empathetic. Since you feel so much, you need to take some serious down time and separate yourself from others in order to restore balance. Dreamy Pisceans are easy to be around, and people love them. Pisces just needs to make sure that they don’t attract energy vampires.

We hope you have a wonderful 2020 NEW YEAR!. If you are interested in psychic readings that address you and your issues specifically, give us a call. One of our tested telephone psychics should be able to shed some light on your path into and throughout the New Year.

Where is love taking you this year? New job on the horizon? Any messages for the New Year from the spirit world? Am I going to find my soul mate? Is my Twin Flame journey going to resolve itself this year? Anything I should watch out for?

The above 2020 New Year’s Resolution break down by Sun Sign should help you move your life in a positive direction. A targeted psychic reading should help you make the adjustments you need in order to realize true happiness and peace.