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You hear about the male mid-life crisis all the time.  It conjures up a pictures of a slightly balding guy wearing gold chains driving around in a convertible.  Seems kind of cliche and almost funny.  However, it is not funny if this is your husband or lover.  His mid-life crisis may have quite the ripple effect.  The causes of this condition are many.  They could be physical in nature.  The changes in his body might make him slightly uncomfortable.   He could be a little depressed.  Perhaps he feels unappreciated and restless.  Maybe his job is boring or he is stuck in a job that is not rewarding.  Whatever the case, this mid-life slump it is a reality for a lot of couples.

Dealing with this situation in a compassionate, firm manner may be quite the challenge.  Hopefully, outside influences will not tip him over the edge when it comes to honoring his promises to you and caring for his family.  Confusion is often very difficult to deal with.  Everyone suffers.  How can you know what to do if your partner is all over the emotional map and acting distant or just odd.  This behavior can be very threatening and scary.  

This is a good time to call upon your inner strength and wisdom in order to help him through this difficult time.  Every situation is different and special.  A calm examination of the situation followed by trying to give your lover the support they need may give you the breath of fresh air needed to push your way through this stormy patch.  Hysteria and nagging generally do not achieve the desired results.  Hopefully, your loved one will move through this period with a minimum of disruption with a positive result.  People have free will, but can be influenced by negative forces of all types.

A psychic reading with a relationship specialist or love psychic may be just the support you need in order to get through this unsettled period.  Do you have questions regarding how he feels, other influences, his job, his physicality, karmic choices, your feeling, love, fears, negative forces, outcomes, etc.  A tested psychic can often give you the pieces to the puzzle and help you react in a way that helps you to get the solutions you desire.   

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