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Mercury Retrograde in Libra 2015

A Mercury Retrograde starts on September 17, 2015 and goes direct on October 9, 2015.  To add to the fun there will be a solar eclipse on September 13th and a lunar eclipse on September 27th which might have some influence on this retrograde.  These additional factors should highlight romance and relationships. This generally means that your relationships should improve - allowing serenity and balance to prevail.  If you are able to avoid confrontation, bitterness and negativity as you move forward with your relationships, your love should be stronger and more solid than ever before.  Just try to avoid misunderstandings.

This interesting period also seems to be a good time for the positive resolution of long-term business plans.  

Generally Mercury retrogrades deal with communication (a challenge during a retrograde), technology breakdowns, scheduling problems, travel glitches, lost items, automobile problems, computers going crazy, etc.   Remember to check and recheck plans, communications, your car, your smart phone, your computer, your tablet, etc.  A Mercury Retrograde is probably not a great time to update everything to Windows 10, for example.  Probably a good idea to wait until after the 17th.  Remember to be patient and calm.  

Sadly, this Mercury Retrograde in Libra may cause confusion in our thinking and the thinking of those we deal with daily.  Fortunately, this Mercury Retrograde will probably be the most gentle and positive of the Mercury Retrogrades for this year.  Happily, there should only be minor glitches to deal with regarding relationships.  Balance and peace are positioned to prevail if there should be any problems.  This time in September should provide a happy new direction as regards relationships and other areas of our lives.  This tilt toward stability should influence us into the future.  Remember to use common sense and kindness when dealing with the challenges of this Retrograde.  

This summer was probably a challenging one as regards to relationships because of the focus on getting to the root of any negative issues in your life.  Hopefully, this Mercury Retrograde will assist you as your proceed down the path of the destiny you want and deserve.  Old, troubled relationships may finally resolve the issues that challenged your happiness and finally provide you with a real sense of peace and accomplishment.  This should be a great time to finish what you started by either ending a situation or moving happily ahead to a new chapter of love with your current partner.

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