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January 1, 2018 Supermoon - The Wolf Moon

January 1, 2018 Supermoon - The Wolf Moon

A Supermoon is when the moon is very close to the earth. This closeness should provide very strong energy (including psychic energy) on January 1-2 in 2018. There will be a second full supermoon on January 31. It won't be as big as the one this evening. Be sure to look up!

Both of the January supermoons will be beautiful, but this one is going to be glorious. The full moon in January is called a Wolf moon. The second full moon in a calendar month is called a blue moon.

This Super Wolf Moon falls under the sun sign of Cancer. This is fairly significant, because during the month of January; families, friends and lovers often spend a lot of time together inside as they ride out the winter season. A Cancer driven Supermoon may provide opportunities to cement closeness with loved ones and start the New Year with a clean, comfortable slate.

The Wolf Supermoon should also provide you with an opportunity for spiritual growth and this might be the perfect time to consult a tested telephone psychic in order to see where you are headed. One of the main benefits of this time of year is that your energy and the energy that others are bringing into your life should be especially strong. Your guides and spirits should be able to come through on this special night and provide you with valuable insight as you face the New Year.

A Cancer Wolf Supermoon should provide you with the ability to let go of the past in order to move forward and enjoy a celebration of life, home and hearth. The soft light of our lunar friend should shine down on us with gentle warmth and reveal the path to happiness.

Warm wishes for a VERY Happy New Year! We will be back tomorrow booking readings on our regular schedule. It's actually one of the busiest days of the year for us - Call us! We would love to find a reader for you.

We test all of our readers before they are allowed on our line. All of our readers are clairvoyant, some use Tarot cards, some are psychic mediums - we have the best readers. The new year is a wonderful time for a forecasting reading. Forecasting readings help you plan the next couple months of events.