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This is important - Beware of anyone reaching out claiming they are from our service.

01 Feb


A client called and said she was contacted by a "reader" via FB messenger who claimed to be a reader from our service. We want to be as clear as possible on this subject. ***We do not reach out to anyone first.***
Clients find us and contact us. We will get back to you once you contact us. 

The "reader" could be any random person from around the world who saw a Facebook comment on one of our posts. The person may or may not be a reader. The person may or may not be a felon. It really is a toss up. We have no way to block people (even fraudulent "readers") from our business page - Facebook doesn't have that option at this time. 

We DO NOT reach out to clients on Facebook, via Messenger or in any other internet platform. If a client messages us first, we will get back to the client. We are not intrusive. That is REALLY important for your security. 

The reason we need to be crystal clear is because letting a random stranger from the internet into your life can be very dangerous. Please use caution. We encourage you to block ANYONE who reaches out to you in this way. We have heard nightmare stories of stalking, fraud and some really horrible and dangerous practices.

If you message us, we will message back. If someone is reaching out to you, it is NOT us - nor is it anyone who is affiliated with our service. 

One of the reasons our clients love us is because we keep your information (personal and financial) private. We have been in business so long because of how we do business. We are not abusive nor are we intrusive. 

If you have any questions, we are here to help.