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psychic fraud

This is important - Beware of anyone reaching out claiming they are from our service.

01 Feb


A client called and said she was contacted by a "reader" via FB messenger who claimed to be a reader from our service. We want to be as clear as possible on this subject. ***We do not reach out to anyone first.***
Clients find us and contact us. We will get back to you once you contact us. 

The "reader" could be any random person from around the world who saw a Facebook comment on one of our posts. The person may or may not be a reader. The person may or may not be a felon. It really is a toss up. We have no way to block people (even fraudulent "readers") from our business page - Facebook doesn't have that option at this time. 

We DO NOT reach out to clients on Facebook, via Messenger or in any other internet platform. If a client messages us first, we will get back to the client. We are not intrusive. That is REALLY important for your security. 

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Choose a psychic reader very carefully - Be aware of psychic fraud

30 Jun

If you are approached by a "reader" who says they can -
- Change free will.
- Heal your body or soul.
- Change the events in your life or someone else's life.
- Make a lover come back.
- Make a lover fall in love.
-Make a lover lust for you.
- Erase old memories.
- Make love potions.
- Reuniting lost lovers.
- Soulmate spells.

You are dealing with a fraudulent "reader". This sort of "reader" gives our industry a bad name. This sort of reader will take your money when you are vulnerable - and give nothing in return - because the practice they are using is fraudulent.
We strongly advise you break contact with the "reader". They will seem like they are legitimate. They will be convincing.

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