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7 Ways to help deal with the pandemic for sensitive people

The Coronavirus Pandemic is an exceptionally difficult experience for everyone. If you are a psychic, empath or highly sensitive person, this pandemic is likely difficult for you to manage. Psychics and people who are sensitive have the ability to actually feel how other people are feeling. Their state of mind may be altered when dealing with people that are extremely happy, emotionally angry, sad, scared, or are experiencing other intense emotions.

This is important - Beware of anyone reaching out claiming they are from our service.


A client called and said she was contacted by a "reader" via FB messenger who claimed to be a reader from our service. We want to be as clear as possible on this subject. ***We do not reach out to anyone first.***
Clients find us and contact us. We will get back to you once you contact us. 

How can a phone psychic help me?

You have a problem or just something that you just can’t shake from your brain and you want answers. The first thought of most is to see a therapist for advice. That option is going to be expensive and maybe for some, the thought of having someone ask them questions in person might be intimidating. Or you may talk your best friend’s ear off about the situation without getting any direction. Why not consider calling a psychic?