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7 Ways to help deal with the pandemic for sensitive people

The Coronavirus Pandemic is an exceptionally difficult experience for everyone. If you are a psychic, empath or highly sensitive person, this pandemic is likely difficult for you to manage. Psychics and people who are sensitive have the ability to actually feel how other people are feeling. Their state of mind may be altered when dealing with people that are extremely happy, emotionally angry, sad, scared, or are experiencing other intense emotions.

Psychics, empaths and highly sensitive people do not react to a situation the same way as someone who is less sensitive. A person who is not sensitive, psychic or empathic may feel anxiety, but it might not come with severe anxiety from picking up on other people. Psychics, empaths and highly sensitive people experience emotion the same way the other person is feeling it and actually absorbs the energy - whatever it entails.

If you are a psychic, empath or highly sensitive person, and are feeling too much during this pandemic, here are steps that you can take to minimize negativity.

1. Focus on good news.Stories about helping hands and loving people are great choices. If the news is too much for you, stay away from it. You can pay attention to the information you need, but you don’t want to sit and watch the news all day.

2. Use meditation to calm yourself and create a positive focus. There are many ways you can meditate. Find a way that works for you. We really think the Calm App is helpful on your smartphone. Yoga, going for a meditative walk, doing something creative while being mindful - whatever works for you.

3. Temporarily unfollow those people on social media that continuously want to argue about the pandemic, post tragic statistics, or want to share covid 19 drama. You already know and feel enough of what is going on. Arguing about politics does not help this situation. 

4. Spend time with your pets.They live in the moment and have the uncanny ability to make you feel better. If you don’t have a pet, consider fostering or adopting one. Please be sure that if you adopt a pet it is a commitment you are ready to take on for life.

5. Take time to sit outside and enjoy nature. When you engage with the natural world, you start to feel a connection with the universe. This should make you feel light of spirit.

6. Take time to soak in a hot bath. A candle, some epsom salts, your favorite relaxation music, and a cup of herbal tea should help cleanse your energy.

7. Enjoy social distancing. Alone time can be helpful. Crowds of people often cause stress for psychics, empaths and sensitive people because of the draining effects of feeling everyone’s energy. Enjoy social distancing, but know when to reach out.

This is a difficult time. It is stressful for everyone. Please know that we are here to talk to and we love to help. We plan on remaining open normal business hours throughout the crisis.

Our psychic readers do not do medical, legal or death readings. The most accurate information we have found on Covid 19 is from Johns Hopkins and the CDC. These are reliable sources for accurate and important information. If you are feeling sick, please call your doctor. Getting advice from anyone other than a licensed medical professional can be very dangerous to your health.