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I am psychic, why can't I read for my friend or family member?

11 Dec

Why can’t I read for my friend/family member?

Very few readers can read for their family or friends because of personal bias coming in the way of intuition. It is really for the same reason mentioned above. When you’re too close to a person, it is hard to listen to your intuition. The answers the reader come up with are biased and most likely inaccurate. This isn’t because the reader is inaccurate, it’s because the reader is human. The human side of the reader knows what that friend or family member wants. Knowing the info that person wants makes it difficult to be non-biased in answers.

It is because they love you and know too much to give an objective point of view. If you want consistently accurate psychic readings, you need to try a different reader. If your energy is too close, it does affect the information that is given and it may make the readings less accurate.