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Holiday Expectations

We all have high expectations for the holiday season.  Food, family, fun, decorations, travel, parties, donating to charitable causes, presents, giving, etc.  The anticipation is part of the fun.  The build up may also be part of the problem.  If you spend too much time imagining what the holiday will be like and, if it does not quite go that way, you may have set yourself up for disappointent.  The image of happy faces opening the perfect present in a beautifully decorated room surrounded by love and laughter is appealing.  It may also be unrealistic.

Ask yourself if it is reasonable to expect people to read your mind and be able to live up to your vision of the holiday experience. Is this realistic? Do you expect your family, loved ones, co-workers, friends, relatives, neighbors to suddenly change into happy, balanced, perfectly tuned in people? High expections are fine, just remember to keep your sense of self and humor available to get you through the day when someone caves in and acts out their own reality in a less than perfect expression of self.  Communication, as usual, is key.  If you have certain things that are very important to you for the holiday season, let people share your vision.  If you have worked diligently to achieve your holiday goals, happily share with your loved ones and others the fun you have had in planning and carrying out your ideas to fruition.  This way they know.  It gives them an opportunity to share your experience and express their appreciation..

It would be nice if everyone shared the same holiday vision. However, some people like to be alone. Others, like big parties. If the people you are involved with have a different vision, compromise is in order. Decide well in advance on which events you will attend together and which ones you will go alone. Come to a compromise on when, where and with whom you will celebrate the holidays. The goal is to agree upon what makes you happiest. If you do something that makes you happy and reduces the discomfort of your lover, for example, you should both have an enjoyable experience. However, if you forge ahead and do just what you want or go along with your partner without setting boundaries, you may both end up miserable. Negotiate where you will go, how long you will stay, how much money you will spend, how much you will indulge in food and drink, if you will stick together or mingle, etc. Communication and respect may just be the key to a fabulous holiday season. You may not be able to meet your holiday vision exactly, however and with a little planning, you might come close. If you get rattled during the rush of the holidays, don't forget to give us a call. Our tested psychics are available to help you make the choices that may enhance your holiday goals. Finding out the secrets to someone's heart and desires should help you meet your holiday vision and improve your experience. Love, work, relationships, family, friends, neighbors all have expectations, too! A tested clairvoyant, tarot card expert, empathy, astrologer, channeler, love psychic may be able to assist you during the holiday rush. We are running a New Client Special for new clients if you want to make a referral. For our regular clients we are running lots of Holiday Specials. The Original Solutions Psychics at the psychic line known for Quality wish you a Happy and Safe Holiday Season!

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