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Happy Psychic New Year

Happy New Year 2015.  What does the psychic new year hold in store for us? 

This year holds Yin energy.  This means that peace, harmony and tranquility move to the forefront.  This should be a year of healing with an emphasis on working together from a place of faith, belief that good will overtake evil, and that the forces that push toward war  and chaos will be deflated.  2015 is a year that emphasizes unity, loyalty and discipline.  Those that pursue war should be discouraged as the calming effects of the Chinese Year of The Goat take over and calm the waters of discord.

This means the healing process should begin for those that have been affected by conflicts caused by those that have little love or respect for others.  The emphasis on calm should be reflected in the actions and motivations of those around you as people start to  show greater concern for the rules that guide life toward fulfillment.  Psychic abilities and intuition that use the internal compass should be able to provide answers, insight and solutions to personal issues that have been bothersome, made you unhappy, or have left you stalled and unsatisfied with your life, love, work, family or relationships in general.  Anger and chaos probably will not completely disappear, however, their voices should be greatly muted and constrained.

This is a great year that should demonstrate that common sense, thoughtful behavior, and loving concern for others should prevail over those that would use intimidation or brute force.  Nasty rhetoric should start to be toned down, fall into disfavor as counterproductive, and be replaced by conversations that help to mend fences and restore broken dreams and promises.

2015 will generally be a great psychic new year to take advantage of the special skills of our tested phone psychics.   If you have issues, we have insight. 

Taking the time for yourself to examine what may lie ahead is a great way to reward yourself and help you make the most of the positive aspects that should come up this new year.  If you have questions regarding relationships, love, work family, the world - give the psychic line a call to find our how you may be able to take advantage of 2015's Yin energy in order to make your life a happy, positive experience.

Clairvoyant or tarot card reading from one of our tested psychics should be able to assist you as you move down life's path.  Take control of your readings and help guide your destiny with a little help from us. 

Happy New Year!