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Daunting Decisions and Psychic Insight

Decisions come in all sizes.  We all make decisions every single day.  Some decisions are as simple as choosing what you will have for breakfast.  Other decisions may seem to be too big to handle alone.  For example - ending a relationship, moving, getting married, changing your job, starting a family, etc. might be considered daunting decisions.

Happy Psychic New Year

Happy New Year 2015.  What does the psychic new year hold in store for us? 

This year holds Yin energy.  This means that peace, harmony and tranquility move to the forefront.  This should be a year of healing with an emphasis on working together from a place of faith, belief that good will overtake evil, and that the forces that push toward war  and chaos will be deflated.  2015 is a year that emphasizes unity, loyalty and discipline.  Those that pursue war should be discouraged as the calming effects of the Chinese Year of The Goat take over and calm the waters of discord.


People have a lot of questions regarding their soulmate and their destiny.

Destiny is simply the actions or paths you take through life. Your soulmate is a person with whom you have a connection. A soulmate could be described a significant part of your destiny. Your destiny is determined by your choices. Karma records those choices and makes sure that we are presented with opportunities to balance the universal scales.