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Great gifts for every Star Sign

The use of Sun Signs may be a wonderful idea in order to help you pick a great holiday gift. All you need to know is someone’s Sun Sign which is pretty easy to figure out if you know there birthday! The use of Sun Signs for holiday shopping might be a real time saver during this busy holiday season.

ARIES - As the first sign of the Zodiac, it seems that Aries like to be number one!  Generally, they are adventurous and like to try new things. An Aries might love a gift certificate for a new and trendy restaurant. They might also like it if you purchase them the latest and greatest technological wonder.

TAURUS – Generally prefer the tried and true. Try purchasing them high quality bedding in their favorite color. A soft throw for their sofa may also be a good choice. A massage at a spa should also be a great gift for your favorite Taurus.

GEMINI – Since Gemini is usually considered the sign of the twins, there may be a lot of choices available for gift giving. Most Geminis are often avid readers. They would probably like an electronic reader or several travel books to read. You might want to add a really nice backpack or luggage to that list.

CANCER – Folks born under this sun sign generally prize home and hearth above all things. They are usually great caretakers of family and friends. Silver jewelry is usually a great choice.  Another item that may hit the mark is anything to do with aromatherapy. A pretty diffuser or really nice candles that might enhance the ambience of their home should score some high marks as gifts.

LEO – This sign seems to like to be the center of attention.  A really nice, eye-catching hat might be a great idea. Also, jewelry that shimmers and shines with gold should appeal to them. Since Leos may like to entertain, some really nice wine glasses might make them swoon with holiday happiness.

VIRGO – A Virgo tends to be very thoughtful and analytic. Things that help them organize their life are almost always a big hit. Perhaps a bookcase, a car organizer, or anything that assists them in their desire for perfection and control will hit mark with your Virgo. Also, gadgets that assist them in their pursuit of good health like a step counter or health club membership might be a good choice.

LIBRA – Generally likes all things beautiful. They also usually seek balance. Set your lovely Libra up with a shared experience rather than stuff. A weekend getaway or concert tickets combined with a nice dinner out with loved ones should do the trick. Also, home decorating accessories that harmonize with and compliments their beautiful home may just make them very happy.

SCORPIO – This sign seems to love a mystery. A pair of designer sunglasses might appeal to their apparent inner desire to observe without being noticed. Since Scorpio is usually a sensual and physical sign, lingerie or silky underwear might appeal to them.  Also, mystery and who done it books might really appeal to them at a basic level.

SAGITTARIUS – This sign seems to be eternally curious and adventurous. They might really enjoy tickets for a Hot Air Balloon ride or a glider. The more adventurous among this sign might want to go on a zip line or bungee jumping.  Often Sagittarius folks love sports. Perhaps tickets to a sporting event will appeal to them. You also might want to invest in a GPS or location finder.

CAPRICORN – Usually thought of as practical. Capricorn often appreciates things that serve a purpose and that are also beautiful. A cashmere robe, shawl or throw might appeal to them on many levels. They might also like to go to an Art Gallery or Museum. You do not always have to go fancy to please your practical Capricorn. If you take them on a well-planned road trip that hits some nice Antique Shops, they may be pleased as punch with your efforts.

AQUARIUS – The Aquarius in your life generally has a lot of imagination and creativity going on in that head of theirs. An unconventional gift such as a pair of night vision binoculars, a motion detector outdoor camera, or solar-powered yard lights might make them smile. Also, an Aquarian might appreciate a book on crystals, healing herbs, or aromatherapy to round out their day. Bright and bold patterned accessories should appeal to their eye for the unusual.

PISCES – Is usually thought of as the sign of the sensitive artist or dreamer. You might want to think of a spa like bathroom gift. If you provide them with scented candles, bath salts, essential oils, a bath pillow; you might have found the perfect gifts.  Lounging in the tub and lucid dreaming should make your Pisces very happy. Since Pisces are generally very sensitive, crystals or jewelry that clears negative energy should be a very much appreciated gift from the heart.