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Ghost Stories and urban legends

All Hallow’s Eve is fast approaching. The veil between our world and another dimension is said to be at its thinnest on that night. Perhaps you will see a ghost or feel a spirit.There are plenty ghost stories to share with and scare your friends, family, and children. Some scary tales follow:

Babysitter ghost stories - One such story that appeared on Reddit (by r/Sam_Jam_Goose) is that a babysitter was watching small children. Naturally, the baby’s room was equipped with a baby monitor. Since the evening was pretty much uneventful, the young babysitter fell asleep. She woke up when she heard some soft whispery noises coming from the baby monitor. The sitter could not figure out what was making the noise, so she took a hard look at the monitor just to be sure. To her surprise and absolute horror, there was a dark shadow right by the baby’s crib. The brave sitter charged into the baby’s room to find that nothing was there. She told the father what had happened. He admitted that he had seen the same, scary shadow.

The Stanley Hotel is purported to be haunted It has been reported that a family that was taking the hotel’s “spirit tour” took a photograph of the hotel’s staircase. The photo seems to show the ghostly figures of two little girls. Since there were no little girls on the tour, this photo may have really shown a couple of ghosts. This image of two little girl ghosts kind of reminds us of the Grady twins who made appearances in the movie The Shining’s Overlook Hotel. This is the hotel that is featured in the movie, The Shining. 

The Ouija Board - Generally, when someone inexperienced uses the Ouija Board to make contact to the other side, things might go awry. One spooky urban legend is that a group of teenagers inadvertently contacted a spirit from the other side. This particular spirit stuck to one of the participants and kept reappearing whenever something difficult or bad was going to happen. Needless to say, the teen that the spirit was attached to was conflicted about their new “friend.” Fortunately, this particular spirit seemed to be caring and beneficial. This teen seems to have gotten lucky. The message her is to be careful with Ouija Boards! You never know what might come through.

Bloody Mary -  It is said that all you have to do is look into a mirror in a darkened room and chant “Bloody Mary” thirteen times. Bloody Mary probably refers back to Mary, Queen of Scots, who was responsible for a lot of deaths. After chanting into the mirror it seems that a headless ghost might appear. Halloween is probably the perfect evening to experience this frightening urban legend. You have to set the stage carefully by darkening the room and using candles. You need to stare into the mirror and chant Bloody Mary. Be ready for the headless spirit of Bloody Mary to come forward - screams are allowed.

Ghost stories and Urban Legends about ghosts are a fun way to add a little spice and drama to your Halloween fun. If you want to seriously explore the thinning veil and see what the other side has to tell you, please call The Psychic Line by Paramount Solutions, Inc. and consult with one of our tested telephone psychics. A psychic medium reader should be able to advise you on how to safely communicate with the other side.

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