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An Empath's Insight

If you are an Empath, you are probably a wonderful, compassionate person.  You probably absorb and experience other people's feeling as if they are your own.  Empaths are usually very special.  People are probably drawn to your kind energy.  Understanding, protecting yourself, and using your empathic abilities in a positive manner may take you on a wonderful journey. Identifying some pitfalls may be very helpful in your quest for a greater understanding of your gift.  

For example, most people run into a Master Manipulator at some point in their life.  One problem many empaths face may be that manipulative people seek them out.  Manipulators often seek empaths in order to bask in their positive energy and exploit an empath's natural sympathetic, kind nature.  Asking logical questions should provide you with understanding and protection from manipulators. An awareness of how this type of person operates should be helpful.

Manipulator Red Flags:

     1.  Manipulators often go for sympathy - "Everyone is mean to me."   (Seriously - everyone?)
     2.  They generally blame their victims for wising up and rejecting them.  
     3.  They usually have a dramatic sob story and they tend to stick to it.  ("Help me, it is not my fault.")
     4.  They probably have great social skills and are usually able to present themselves as warm and caring.
     5.  They might shower you with gifts and attention at first in order to demonstrate their "love."
     6.  They usually are adept a lying and twisting facts in order to make themselves look good.
     7.  They can often come up with excuses for their bad behavior.  ("The devil made me do it.")
     8.  They usually get really angry when thwarted.
     9.  They general bad mouth or lie about anyone that stands in their way or has stood up to them.
    10.  They often have an agenda that includes emotional and financial manipulation.  You may think you are rescuing them.  (Hold on to your wallet.)

Keep in mind that a relationship with charming Manipulators generally starts with you feeling good about helping them, you getting suspicious or tired of the never-ending drama and need for help, you deciding that you have finally had enough, and finally - you getting thrown under the bus by the Manipulator as they move on to their next victim. Be aware that when a Master Manipulator has used up your good will, they usually respond by saying you victimized them in order to gain sympathy.  They generally hate it when someone has had enough and finally says, "no."  

If you are caught up in feelings of sympathy for someone that has a lot of drama going on, ask yourself if the people "victimizing" the manipulator seem to be nice folks that are in stable relationships.  Are the people professionals?  Are successful people really evil?  Is everyone in the manipulator's life really out to harm or work against them?  As you reflect on these questions, ask yourself why all those people would victimize the manipulator.  What would these stable people gain?  Really think about what makes sense.

Some people do need the compassionate help you can provide.  However, a manipulator is a whole different situation.  Not everyone that needs your help is a manipulator.  However, if everyone seems to be against someone - take it with a grain of salt and do not get overly tangled up in your feelings.

Take a moment to reflect on the situation (feelings aside) and protect yourself.  You are important.  Your wonderful psychic gift of empathy probably makes you a wonderful person.  Use your gift wisely.  You are a unique and wonderful person.  You deserve the best.

A tested phone psychic or relationship psychic should be able to help you understand and develop your psychic gift of empathy.  They may be able to provide you insight into the energy that other people bring into your life.  Sharing experiences with a professional psychic may be just the ticket to help you find a greater understanding of what is really going on.

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