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Master Manipulators, Empathics and the holidays 2018

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27 Nov

During the holidays we are often thrown into situations with people we normally avoid. For example, if you have someone in your social sphere that is a master manipulator; hopefully, you are onto their game and usually avoid them. Master Manipulators, sadly, worm their way into most people’s lives at one time or another. They particularly seem to be attracted to empaths. An empath’s natural ability and desire to help others often makes them an easy target for exploitation.

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An Empath's Insight

19 Jun

If you are an Empath, you are probably a wonderful, compassionate person. You probably absorb and experience other people's feeling as if they are your own. Empaths are usually very special. People are probably drawn to your kind energy. Understanding, protecting yourself, and using your empathic abilities in a positive manner may take you on a wonderful journey. Identifying some pitfalls may be very helpful in your quest for a greater understanding of your gift.

For example, most people run into a Master Manipulator at some point in their life. One problem many empaths face may be that manipulative people seek them out. Manipulators often seek empaths in order to bask in their positive energy and exploit an empath's natural sympathetic, kind nature. Asking logical questions should provide you with understanding and protection from manipulators. An awareness of how this type of person operates should be helpful.

Manipulator Red Flags:

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