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Master Manipulators, Empathics and the holidays 2018

Master Manipulators, Empathics and the holidays 2018

During the holidays we are often thrown into situations with people we normally avoid. For example, if you have someone in your social sphere that is a master manipulator; hopefully, you are onto their game and usually avoid them. Master Manipulators, sadly, worm their way into most people’s lives at one time or another. They particularly seem to be attracted to empaths. An  empath’s natural ability and desire to help others often makes them an easy target for exploitation. 

If you are manipulated, don’t feel inadequate. Manipulators are skillful and conceal their real intentions. They are experts in exploiting people in order to get what they want. They are ruthless and will not hesitate to cause harm in order to accomplish their goals. We all seem to know manipulators. These people ooze charm while they are pulling you into their grasp. They may actually shower you with gifts and lots of “love” while they share all of their trials and tribulations with you. You might feel like the most important person in the world to them.

We want to remind everyone to have their boundaries set. Once a manipulator has you in their grasp by sharing all of their problems, you may start feeling sorry for them and let your boundaries slide. They may want money, they may want all your time, they may be using you to influence others, they may be a psychic vampire that wants to bask in the sunlight of your positive energy, they might want sex, or social media attention, etc. However, once you are no longer useful to them, you may be portrayed as an enemy that mistreated them as they move on to their next target. 

An empath may be hurt or confused by this sort of person because they, unlike a master manipulator, actually care about other people. An empath may be fooled for a short amount of time before their ability to recognize that these people are Psychic Vampires.. It is probably important to not that you can use your logical mind to identify them.. A master manipulator usually has lots to complain about, but doesn’t seem to have happy, long-term relationships. A long string of bad relationships or lots of jobs will probably be a huge red flag. 

Don’t let the artificial fellowship and good cheer experienced during the holidays provide the opportunity for  master manipulator to slip in under the radar and short circuit your energy and your holiday fun.

It may be hard to avoid manipulators during the holidays. You may be a little tired and let your guard down. You may want to spread holiday cheer. Don’t forget to be careful.  If you have family members, “friends”, colleagues, neighbors, club or church members, lovers, etc. that make you feel like you are in the wrong or crazy (when you are not), a tested psychic advisor should be able to help you maintain your balance.