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Dog Sun Signs

Dog Sun Signs

Since this is the Chinese Year of The Dog, it might be a great time to examine and celebrate your dog’s sun sign astrological influence. If you have a rescued pet, it might be fun to try to figure out your pet’s birthday by examining their characteristics and matching them astrologically to a particular month.
Remember, to keep your dog’s breed and genetic inclinations in mind when reading about Sun Signs. For example a Border Collie may feel the genetic need to herd, be busy, and work. Their Sun Sign should show how their individual personality works in context with their genetics in order to help you (maybe) better understand your beloved pet.

Do you have an Aries Dog? This dog is probably very intelligent, independent and always looking for fun.  Additionally, they may get themselves in trouble because of their fearlessness. You probably should keep a close watch. This dog might be a little possessive. For example, if you pet another dog while you are out – when you get home, your Aries dog may take a quick sniff, give you a dirty look and walk away.

Do you have a Taurean Dog? This dog generally loves comfort and quiet. The Fourth of July or big thunderstorms may be a difficult time for your Taurean Dog. Your dog, born during this time, may be a little standoffish with people they do not know. While affectionate, you might find that this dear doggie only shows love when they are in the mood. Also, true to the Sun Sign Taurus, these furry friends can be very stubborn.

Do you have a Gemini Dog? This dog may seem to be two completely pets. One may appear quiet, calm, and collected. The other may be noisy, bouncy, and all over the place. Since Gemini is the sign of the twins, your dog may exhibit several different personalities. Fortunately, Gemini dogs are usually very fast to learn new things, seem to be open to new people, and are often very funny to watch. They might be a little high strung or suffer from separation anxiety, because they usually do not do well all alone.

Do you have a Cancer Dog? These darling dogs are usually very full of love and are often very easy going. They are generally accepting and probably enjoy having other pets to interact with. They generally like to be loved on or cuddled a lot. When it comes to change or new places, this type of dog is not usually a fan of disruptions. As with all Cancers, their home and hearth seem to be very important. This dog may be the master of begging for snacks. As a result of this love of food, you probably will need to monitor their weight.

Do you have a Leo Dog? This dog usually loves the outdoor and basking in the sun. They can be quite vocal. This is often the type of dog that barks or howls just for the fun of it. Seem they like the sound of their own voice. As with most Leos, this dog probably loves attention. If you are at the dog park and see a really happy dog surrounded by people fawning over him/her, it is probably a Leo. This dog is also generally known for being truly loyal to their loved ones.

Do you have a Virgo Dog? A Virgo dog is probably going to be a joy to be around. They are usually noted for being very calm. They probably make excellent Therapy Dogs because they seem to do very well when faced with stress. Since Virgo dogs seem to be tuned in to their environment, they don’t like changes in their personal space. This dog is usually one that likes to follow their owner around and may actually be quite hilariously vocal as they try to communicate.

Do you have a Libran Dog? This dog seems to have a very short attention span and may seem to be a little scattered. While they generally are very affectionate and love cuddles, they also may be resistant to discipline. You may need to be very firm, but gentle in your approach to this particular dog. These dogs might also be somewhat finicky eaters. They usually appear to be very sweet, but be aware that they prefer peace, quiet, love on their terms, food whenever they feel like it and can be quite stubborn when things get too disruptive.

Do you have a Scorpio Dog? A Scorpio Dog usually is a quick learner and seems to NEVER forget anything. If you are their friend, they will probably stay your friend. If you mistreat them, beware. Making amends with a Scorpio pup might be difficult. This dog is usually full of energy and will probably need to be exercised every single day. They can be pretty crafty and generally get exactly what they want. It is probably next to impossible to trick this type of dog. As a rule, a Scorpio dog may be one that actually enjoys a trip to the groomer – as long as they are willing to spoil this dog accordingly.

Do you have a Sagittarian Dog? This dog tends to be very social and usually does not do well when left alone for long periods of time. They generally enjoy being in a busy household full of people and other pets. As a physical play pal, this dog seems to really enjoy playing a little on the rough side. They probably would be a good hiking buddy as they enjoy being with you at all times and usually love to explore the great outdoors.

Do you have a Capricorn Dog? As a general rule, this dog tends to be very neat and clean. They seem to enjoy lots of exercise and don’t seem to sleep much. A dog born under this sign seems to be very focused and independent. This should make them fairly easy to house train or teach good doggie behavior in general. They seem to thrive in a fairly quiet home where they are the only pet. Loud noises, new people, and chaos will probably make this dog a nervous wreck.

Do you have an Aquarian Dog? If you have a dog born under this sign, you should probably fasten your seat belt. They are general very intelligent and unpredictable. They usually do exactly as they please when they please. While they generally are a good fit for a busy family and usually are very accepting of other pets, they also need a little time for themselves to recharge. This dog is often very affectionate and probably never gets tired of being petted. As far as training, you should probably know that these dogs are more geared toward fun and adventure than hard work.

Do you have a Pisces Dog? A Pisces dog is generally very gentle and affectionate. It seems that they truly love and are in tune with their owner. They seem to have an uncanny knack for knowing what you are trying to communicate to them. As far as other animals, they generally are not interested. They may be a one person dog. You probably will need to watch out for the tendency of other animals to pick on them because they are somewhat anti-social with others. It would probably be wise to not be fooled by their sweet nature. This darling dog tends to be very inclined to do whatever they want.

When you check out Fun Sun Sign Guide For you dog, remember to keep in mind the type of dog and how their unique genetics may apply to the different sun signs.
If you feel you need to gain a greater understanding regarding your beloved pet, one of our Pet Psychics may be able to provide you with additional insight.
Let’s celebrate the Chinese Year of the Dog by trying to gain a better understanding of our relationship with our beloved, loyal dogs!