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Bewitching Season

Fall is here. Halloween is just around the corner. Since clients often call asking about spells and potions, this is the perfect time of year to share some information about love potions. People may think about witchcraft, which is simply the art of using the mind and nature's bounty to bring about a desired result. People do have free will. However, you know that a delicious smell can whet your appetite. Nature (the sense of smell) meets and encourages hunger. Hopefully, the result is dinner. With a little "magic", you may be able to stimulate the senses in order to get the results you desire.

Want a little romance? There are many love potions out there that may help stimulate that romantic urge (always research thoroughly before using any spell in order to make sure it is safe in your situation). In order to get the ball rolling, a little candle magic might be in order. Wait for a romantic full moon. Purchase a red taper candle and some rose oil. Engrave the candle with your name and the name of your loved one. Rub the rose oil all over the candle while thinking of your love interest. Place the candle in a holder, light it and let it release all that loving energy into the universe (do not leave candle unattended). Hopefully, this energy will spark some passion.

Charms may also be a fun way to attract love. Make a five inch heart out of aluminum foil. Put a pinch of parsley, rosemary and thyme into the middle of the heart. Gently fold the aluminum foil in order to make a secured envelope for the spices. Place the packet next to your heart. The idea behind this charm is to use the electric properties of the aluminum as a conductor in order to attract love your way.

Use the bewitching fall season to find answers to your questions regarding love, relationships, "magic", career, travel, upcoming opportunities or any other issues that may need insight or attention. A tested psychic reader may be able to provide you with the information you need in order to bring about your desired results. A tarot or clairvoyant reading may be able to help you take control of your life and situaiton. Love potions and charms may be a fun way to release a little more love into the universe. The telephone is a convenient and private way to obtain advice.

Happy Bewitching Season to all. Give us a call.