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Attracting Love - Blog from our Facebook series

There are many types of love that you can attract. You may seek love from a friend, lover, people at work, your family - The first place to start is to focus on what area of love you wish to attract. This will become what you are working towards and lays the groundwork so you can take steps working toward that goal. Identifying and being specific are key components toward future success in any goal. 

The second step to attracting love is to know yourself. Take some time to yourself to figure out how the relationship would look and what you would ultimately expect from the relationship.

For instance, if you are looking for romantic love, you may take a moment to focus on yourself. Are there any issues that are preventing you from offering love to another person? What would your ultimate version of that relationship look and feel like? Are there any issues holding you back or standing in the way?

A little quiet time and reflection daily can help you identify exactly what you are looking for and help you know yourself better. 

The third step to helping yourself find the love you want is to LOVE YOURSELF. You must forgive yourself. You must let old baggage go. You must forgive others (this does not mean forgetting - just forgiving). You must learn to forgive, trust and move forward in order to attract your ultimate goal in love.
You might want to journal, take long walks to let out energy, meditate positively and/or do anything it takes to let your energy move forward in a positive light. 

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