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Are Tarot Cards Accurate?

Are Tarot Cards Accurate? 7 Ways to Know If You're Getting an Accurate Psychic Reading

Tarot readings are a centuries-old form of divination that can help you see the underlying energies driving your life and experiences. A good Tarot reader will use the cards to understand you and provide guidance from the universe. On the other hand, a bad Tarot reader may lack the skills to read their cards well and can leave you more confused than when you met them. 

Is Tarot Reading Accurate?

Millions of people around the world turn to Tarot reading before big decisions or during turbulent periods in their lives. We believe in our expert Tarot readers here at Psychic Line, and have faith in the accuracy of our readings. That said, the important thing to understand about Tarot is that the cards serve as a gateway to the spiritual energies of the universe and do not easily yield to yes/no questions. 

If you're hoping to find the winning lottery numbers, you likely aren't going to find Tarot readings accurate or useful. If you come looking for open-ended, complex insight into the patterns and events in your life and find a skilled reader, you will find our readings to be accurate. 

How To Judge the Quality of Your Tarot Reader

It can be tricky to tell whether or not you've found the best Tarot card reader available when you're new to the world of clairvoyant psychics. While serious psychics put their heart and soul into a reading, it's not hard for other people to give poor, low-effort readings. However, if you understand how Tarot works and how an accurate psychic will handle readings, you'll be able to make sure that you're in good hands.

That said, there are many differences between Tarot readers. Some will have you shuffle the cards yourself, others will start with a conversation, some prefer that you'll sit in silence. There is no single correct technique, but you can ascertain the quality of your reader via more subtle characteristics of their readings.

1. Their Energy

In any psychic reading, the existence of compatibility between yourself and the reader is essential. Clairvoyant readers need to be perceptive, insightful, and emotionally intelligent people to untangle the messages of Tarot and give them to clients. In general, most clairvoyant readers are suitable for most clients, but sometimes the universe has something else in mind. If you just aren't feeling it, that's a sign that you should seek out a different reader. 

2. Confidence

An experienced Tarot reader develops a strong understanding of the cards and their meanings from experience and study. This degree of familiarity brings a level of confidence that indicates you're in good hands, although it doesn't mean your reader will never need a pause. Rather, they'll be able to easily admit if they ever do find themselves stumped, and they will derive meaning from the lack of clarity. It's when a reader is flakey and indecisive that it's apparent they need more practice.

3. They Don't Put On Airs

While Tarot is an arcane art, readers that rely on excessive mysticism and unclear predictions resemble the man behind the curtain from the Wizard of Oz. While a psychic reading will often be at least partially unclear, a reader leaning too heavily on drama and style may be obscuring their lack of substance. What defines too heavily will have to rely on your intuition, to some extent. If you feel that a reader has a flamboyant style but still offers insight in their own way, what you're seeing is simply a difference in experience and technique. 

4. They Find Nuance and Subtlety in the Cards

Human lives are complex, and the meaning of the Tarot cards are too. Readings that are especially superficial and sound like they're based off a Google search of "Tarot card meanings" are probably just that. When a reading is simply feel-good or strangely doom and gloom, it may point to a poor knowledge of Tarot. In particular, the treatment of cards such as Death is a giveaway. While this card sometimes indicates a literal death in the future, it usually holds positive connotations of dynamism and change. 

5. They Deliver the Reading Thoughtfully

A Tarot reader is here to help you. When a reading indicates there may be hard times ahead, there should be positive elements of self-growth involved as well. A good Tarot reader knows how to balance harsh truths with the comforting, positive sides of what the cards have to tell you. This is doubly true for Tarot readers who utilize reversed cards. A Tarot card is reversed when it falls upside down, at which point many readers consider it to embody the negative aspects of the energy associated with the card. While a reading filled with reversed cards is a bad omen indeed, it should also provide insight into where these issues arise from and how to break cycles associated with them.

6. Sensible Guidance

The previous point flows into this one; a good Tarot reader doesn't only tell you what the cards mean, but the way the meanings interplay with your life. While it's typically not the place of a psychic to offer direct solutions, they should clarify your situation and allow you to see yourself more clearly. In that way, you'll be more capable of helping yourself.

7. It Feels Right

Most important of all, you should walk away from the session feeling better for it. Not necessarily in a superficial sense of feeling comfortable, but in the sense that you have a greater understanding of your place in the universe. Even unpacking challenging problems and blocked energies in the course of a reading should carry a certain catharsis. If your heart says the reading was good, then it most likely was. 

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