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Angels and Guardian Angels

Angels and Guardian Angels

Angels and Guardian Angels 

It has been a rough month for many people. We wanted to share this information to provide comfort. We saw many angels in action this month. 

There are many religious and spiritual people who believe Guardian angels and angels exist. It’s believed that every soul is given a guardian angel before the soul enters the human form. A guardian angel is thought to send healing energy, guide us when times are tough, look out for us spiritually and guide us during tough times of life. Angels can be present for a shorter amount of time to offer help through a difficult situation. 

Learning to listen to your angels is important. It is thought that guardian angels do leave symbols as a means of communication. They may also appear in dreams. It is important learn to pay attention to the little symbols that may be present. There are common angel symbols that many people are aware of - Cardinals, feathers, rainbows. These can all be signs an angel is near. There may also be more subtle signals of an angel. 

Angels and Guardian Angels are believed to be from God. They love us and help us in times of trouble. They are believed to always be in direct contact with God. They are usually invisible and require a certain amount of faith to understand. Their work is usually unseen, but to the people they protect, their work can be visible and extremely comforting and helpful.

Many religious people from different faiths, believe that in helping others, you can feel the presence of a angels. And, sometimes, when you’re helping others, you are actually helping God and the angels. When we see God in other people, we are actually helping our own faith.

We believe angels are always around us. They are part of another dimension of energy. They are not easily seen but if you pay attention they are always around. It is very uncommon to see a guardian angel, but people report seeing them during and after tragedies. Angels appear as light during a difficult time. The people who see them usually say there was an energy that was unexplainable but very positive. Many people who have experienced tragedy, have witnessed an angel providing help. 

Good samaritans can also be angels in human form. They will be in you for a short time to provide help. If they happen to give any advice we strongly encourage listening.* For instance, if a person helps you with something small and gives quick advice - take that advice into consideration. Also, if you feel that you have experienced a moment with an angel, please be sure to acknowledge the energy and give thanks. They are one of the purest forms of love and protection. 

*Of course, always use common sense just in case the person isn’t an angel in human form - there are loads of impersonators. Remember to use your intuition first - It’s your own special talent.

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