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7 Ways to tell if your partner is your soulmate

It can be very difficult to determine if your partner is your soulmate. He or she may be nice, but that does not mean he or she is your actual soulmate. Here are some things to look for in your relationship that could signal that he or she is the one. 

1. Your first impression when you met was that he or she made you feel at ease. Your first impression of the person is EXTREMELY important! When you were first introduced or met the person, what were your immediate thoughts and/or feelings. You may or may not have had sparks meeting your soulmate, but there is generally a safe feeling or comfort in meeting that person. 

2. Your love may grow slowly with your soulmate. You might have a huge crush on your soulmate at first, but true love takes time. A soulmate relationship will stand the test of time and adversity. 

3. You will have intellectually charged discussions with your soulmate. You may or may not agree with each other, but you will be able to share your point of view. Your soulmate will also share their point of view and listen to yours. 

4. Your soulmate will treat you with courtesy, kindness and respect. This is important! A person does not genuinely care about you if they do not treat you well. He or she will have issues, but he or she will always show kindness. 

5. Your soulmate will also treat your family with respect. Your family is an extension of you. Your soulmate will treat your family well - even if it requires patience. 

6. Your soulmate will show interest in things that you love. If you love to go to art galleries, even if it's not his or her first choice of things to do, he or she will go and show interest. (This does mean that you should go to events that he likes and also show interest!) Being a good partner is being interested in the other person. It also helps if you try to learn about your partner's interests before you go - to show that you really care.

7. Your soulmate will compromise with you. It could be on little things (which restaurant to dine) or big issues (how to save money). There may be arguments along the path of compromise, but there will be a happy solution for both partners. 

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