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7 Ways to Learn Psychic Abilities while on Quarantine

The Psychic Line by Paramount Solutions, Inc. will be staying open during this trying time.Take this opportunity to do a psychic tune up. Since most of us are practicing social distancing and find ourselves not able to go out, we need something to do while we stay inside. 

The following seven suggestions can help you make good use of your time at home by expanding your psychic education and practicing your psychic skills. This isn't the best of times but this We have loads of information on our website.

1. It is a great time to read! Find books about psychic abilities or psychic tools. WHY AM I PSYCHIC? The author is Elizabeth Clairvoyant that works on our psychic line.You can buy the book here. Other fun areas to explore - Tarot card books, astrological books, numerology, Edgar Cayce, or books on mediumship.

2. Check out our social media. We have loads of information on our youtube, Pinterest, blog, Facebook and instagram. We have tons of free and readily available information.

3. Practice Tarot card spreads and readings. The more you practice reading the more you will understand your energy and how the Tarot works with your energy. Time away from distractions may turn out to be a time to really focus on your cards. 

4. Cleanse energy where you are living. Meditate on positivity. Clean your space. Get rid of things you do not need. Practice slow in and out breathing, take a bath in epsom thoughts, and use aromatherapy to get rid of the negative energy that may be taking over your life. (And, we don't say this too often, go ahead and disinfect if you have supplies.) 

5. Clear your Third Eye by focusing your mind’s eye on a dark blue light shining through the darkness. If this light hits any obstructions, seems to fade, or stalls take measures to clear the way. If you get a funny feeling at the back of your head, it means you are releasing negativity. This is a meditation we use.Once the negative energy starts to leave, funnel it into the earth to change its form. You can use tools to help this procedure. Drink lots of water, take slow breaths or smudge to help you with this cleanse.

6. Take this opportunity to connect with a psychic adviser that has the ability to help you with your personal psychic growth. Many of the psychics on The Psychic Line have that ability and would welcome the opportunity to answer questions and help you with your psychic education.

7. Remember to be patient and grateful. This will release you from the bounds of your ego and free your higher self. This will allow you to enjoy a feeling of oneness with the universe and enjoy the messages that the universe provides. We really are all one.

We are planning on remaining open regular business hours during the quarantine. We have the ability to safely operate. We are grateful to be here for our clients, staff, and our psychic readers. Practicing social distancing is one way we can protect ourselves and others from perils facing all of us from this terrible pandemic. We are so sad everyone is going through this difficult time.

Use this time for spiritual growth. Focus on yourself. Take care. Make this a time for you to expand your psychic horizons as you get through this trying time. We will get through this, but it will sting.