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6 Steps to Create a Vision Board

6 Steps to Create a Vision Board

If you’re looking for an extra boost of positivity or you’re trying to accomplish a specific goal, creating a vision board, similar to creating a board on Pinterest, can lead you in the right direction. Vision boards are sometimes called dream boards, treasure maps or vision maps. Whatever you want to call it, the board is a collection of pictures, images and affirmations that either make you happy or urge you to accomplish whatever goals you have set for yourself.

Step 1.
Purchase a poster board or cork board that will be dedicated to being your vision board. Nothing else will go on this board. 

Step 2.
Decide on the main theme of your board. It can be a general “feel good” kind of board that is just meant to lift your spirits on a daily basis or you may be planning a party or a wedding and need the inspiration to keep you going as well as a place to organize your thoughts.

Step 3.
Collect pictures that fit your vision. You can print them off of the computer, cut them out of magazine, or use photographs. Print, cut and gather all of the images that you have selected in one place so you can lay them out before putting it all on the board.

Step 4. 
Make graphics, type or write out some affirmations to add to your board. For example, if you’re creating a board to make you happy you can write on a piece of paper “You’re awesome” and add it to the collection of things to put on your board.

Step 5. 
If you are using a poster board, glue your collection of images and affirmations to the board. If you are using a cork board, pin everything to the board. It’s a collage so it doesn’t need to be organized in any way, unless you want it to be. You also don’t need to fill up all of the space at one time. You can leave some blank to add to over time. 

Step 6. 
Hang your vision board somewhere where you will see it every day, like your bedroom or office.  

Other Unique Ideas:
•    Use a multi-image picture frame to create your vision board
•    Use an entire wall of a room for your board
•    Create your vision board on Pinterest and share with others
•    Frame your board so that it looks like art on the wall