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5 tips to share your positive energy during the holidays

5 tips to share your positive energy during the holidays

People are often stressed during the holiday season. Social pressures and holiday expectations might make people nervous, tired, and a little overwhelmed. One of the best gifts that you can give others (and yourself - because what comes around goes around) - is the gift of positive energy. 

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Some suggestions that may help you achieve positive balance follows:

When you see people, greet them with a big smile. This simple act should make you both feel good about life. When you get a big smile back, positivity flows.

When interacting with other people, give them your undivided attention. This usually makes a person feel important and should lift their spirits. Keep your nose out of your smart phone until you are alone. Make and maintain eye contact while communicating with someone.

1. Listen to other people. If you open your ears and your heart to another person, you will be sharing with them. To often, when we are engaged in communication with others, we only halfway listen..Instead of truly hearing another person, we are often busy formulating what we are going to say next and miss the opportunity for give and take.

2. Compliment someone. Instead of looking for flaws in others, look for the good in them and acknowledge it. It is often tempting to be critical and make yourself feel good at someone else’s expense. Whether in person or in social media, remember to be complimentary.

3. Surprise someone. This does not have to involve an expensive gift. If you know someone likes to take long walks, set up a date to go exploring. Giving the gift of understanding someone’s needs is priceless.

4. Ask someone how their life is going. Then, really pay attention. You don’t really have to take action, give advice or criticism. Their life path is their own. Sometimes having a caring friend ask about and acknowledge you helps.

5. Celebrate a friend. If they have had a recent promotion, congratulate them. Speak well of them to others and don’t be shy about singing their praises far and wide. Just think how wonderful you may make them feel. 

The above suggestions should be helpful in spreading and maintaining positivity during the holidays. The Psychic Line by Paramount Solutions, Inc. hopes you experience lots of good vibrations.

If you feel a bit of burnout, take some “me” time and give us a call. If you have issues, we have insight. 

Happy Holidays!