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2014 Mercury Retrograde Dates

We are off and running with an exciting New Year! Please make yourself aware of the dates that Mercury will appear to be traveling backward and plan according. In 2014 Mercury will be in retrograde February 6-28; June 7-July2; and October 4-25.

When Mercury gives off the illusion of traveling backward - known as a retrograde - often real communication is also an illusion.  Remember to check all forms of communication.  People may not understand you, you may not understand them.  Ouch.  This is generally a good time to be flexible, avoid starting new things, delay the purchase of expensive items, change jobs, beware of signing new contracts, review plans carefully (wait until after the retrograde to finalize them), carefully check travel plans, confirm all appointments, be careful of your computer, make sure your automobile is in good condition, and be patient.   The Mercury influence in astrology involves merchants, writing literature and poetry, travel plans, and practical jokes (you do not want the joke to be on you).

The positive effect of a Mercury Retrograde is that intuition usually is very good during this period.  A Mercury Retrograde may be a great time to reflect on the past and make corrections that could move you into a positive future.  

The Mercury Retrograde that starts on February 6th and ends on February 28th in 2014 will be in Pisces.  Dreamy Pisces should provide your imagination with wings, give you vivid daydreams, and enhance your creative juices.  Your intuition should be very strong during this period.  Listening to your inner voice may be a great choice during the Retrograde - especially if it warns you to keep your mouth shut!  Of course, the Retrograde should affect each sun sign differently.  A consultation with a tested phone psychic reader or someone with knowledge of astrology should be beneficial.

The Original Solution Psychics at know for quality are here to help you navigate issues that arise during this interesting time.  Communication affects love, relationships, family, work, how you start your car, travel plans, your computer and a myriad of other events.  A clairvoyant psychic, empathic psychic, tarot card reader, astrologer, channeler or intuitive psychic may provide you with the help you need at this sometimes unsettling time.  If you have issues, we have insight.  Our clients call back.

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