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11 Signs You Are An Old Soul

11 Signs You Are An Old Soul

Am I an old soul? How do I know if I am an old soul?

When talking about an old soul, usually people are talking about people who are born wise beyond their years. Old souls have a evolved energy that makes them seem very mature, spiritual and grounded. Old souls may have natural psychic abilities like psychic mediumship and clairvoyance.

Old souls are personal energy that has experienced many reincarnations and are close to becoming full circle.

Here are 11 signs you are an old soul:

  1. You seem to look at situations different than your friends. Problems are to be solved - not stewed over.

  2. People look to you for advice. Giving good advice comes to you naturally.

  3. You are independent and often choose a different path than others. You might be a bit of a rebel or have an issue with authority.

  4. People tell you you seem old for your age. You often feel old around your peers. Your closest friends are older than you - sometimes way older.

  5. You understand life is short and look at the big picture. You have a bigger worldview than most other people.

  6. You’re not overly materialistic. You may like the finer things, but you are happy either way.

  7. You’re a thinker. You love wisdom, reflection, knowledge and truth.

  8. You practice forgiveness.

  9. You practice being grateful.

  10. You see life as a spiritual journey. Life is an opportunity for spiritual growth and self discovery.

  11. You are not scared of death. This doesn’t mean you want to die. You are on a spiritual mission that includes all aspects of life. Death is a part of life.