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11 Reasons to call us and why we are different

11 Reasons to call us and why we are different

Why call us? What makes our service different than any other psychic service?

1. Calling a telephone psychic gives you an opportunity to address your issues in the privacy of your own home from expert readers. 
2. Our clients call back. 95% of our callers daily are from our current clients. One of the top ways clients hear about our service is through referrals. Our clients refer their friends because we are trustable. 
3. Our clients call back because of the high quality of the tested telephone psychics. Our phone psychics are interviewed and checked for psychic ability before they join. Out of approximately every hundred psychics that apply, we only accept four or five. 
4. We find the readers but it’s our clients who decide who stays. We are a small business. If our clients don’t like a reader, that reader won’t be here long.
5. We respect boundaries. The psychic you choose to call only knows your name, what time you are calling, and how many minutes you have purchased. This is important for privacy and authenticity of our readings.
6. You know your payment in advance. We are upfront with everything - it’s a fair way to do business.
7. Our Booking Agents are here to help you find the right reader for your situation. We love to match readers with clients. This helps you get the best reading based on your energy. Because we know our readers, we can help you choose.
8. A phone psychic reader has to pick up on your energy and is not influenced by how you look. A phone reading is 100% about the energy of the client. 
9. We have over 25 years of experience booking and testing psychic readers. Many of our clients and readers have been with us that long. We are so honored to be part of their lives. 
10. We provide value, convenience, education, privacy and the human touch that is so important regarding psychic readings. 
11. We are an internationally known psychic service. Our readers are across the United States, but our clients are from around the world.

We would love to help you!