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The importance of finding an empathic psychic reader

It is very important to find an empathic psychic reader because when a client calls us, they need a psychic who is able to pick up on feelings. An empathic psychic reader can help determine how another individual feels in a relationship or in a business situation. Empathic psychic readers can also help determine how the client is feeling and provide the best course of action for a successful resolution or outcome.

Summer Love 2015 Astrological Forecast

As summer heats up, so does summer love.  This summer will probably begin with a big dose of passion.  Early summer should be very exciting for those in romantic relationships.

However, summer love may seem to go off track from the end of July until the beginning of September.  Venus, which we all know rules love and relationships, will be going into retrograde.

4 ways to use your intuition

People have the ability to use intuition to help them make decisions, keep them safe and move toward the right direction in their life. Here are four ways to use your intuition for personal benefit.

What is a clairvoyant psychic reader?

There are many different types of psychic readers.  As a psychic line, we focus on finding readers who are clairvoyant.  The psychic may also be a psychic medium, tarot card reader, use spirit guides or any other means to pick up on clients and give them an accurate psychic reading.  We find that psychics who are clairvoyant are descriptive in their readings.  When getting a reading by phone, it is important to be able to describe the situation, the surroundings of a situation and see reactions.  


People talk about finding their soul mate all of the time. What exactly is a soul mate? A common definition is that a soul mate is a person who loves, understands, and accepts every aspect of your personality. This leads to the expectation that life with a soul mate is easy.  Not so fast! Being in tune with each other does not guarantee success in a relationship. A relationship can break apart if love, respect, and communication are not a steady component. Do not take your relationship for granted. Relationships need to be nurtured, or they will die.

Try our new client special

We are currently offering a new client special for $30 for 15 minutes.  This is a fairly new offer for Solutions.  We are very excited about offering a new price point for new clients to try our service without too much commitment.  Call us for insight!  We are excited to help you with your relationship and business issues.  

Phone Readings during the holidays

One of our busiest times of year is the holiday season.  There are many reasons for this time of year to be so busy.  Dealing with family, dealing with relationships, figuring out the right direction to go in the new year and just having a reader to talk to and help with stress all top the list.  Our readers can help with all areas of interest.  Having an outside, private point of view from a professional psychic reader can really help when holiday stress and emotions are running high.  Please know that you are not alone during the holidays.

Psychic Reader Spotlight: Keara

Keara has been doing psychic readings for Solutions for around 15 years.  She is clairvoyant with tarot cards.  She is excellent with relationships, business and financial forecasts.  Keara can get to the true feelings of a relationship or business situation.  Keara can read with or without questions and is a very exact reader.  Keara is very dependable and friendly in her readings.  

Is This Your Soulmate?

Finding true love may be challenging for some people.  If you are in a blossoming relationship that seems not quite right, ask yourself why.  Perhaps the person you are involved is not really your soulmate.

Fling or Forever?

Have you met someone new?  Are the signs of love abundant?  When someone is into you they watch you.  When your eyes meet, there is that little sparkle of recognition.  Could this be the start of something good?  Are you going on real dates with a really well-groomed partner?  Do you receive lots of texts or phone calls?  Are your communications returned quickly?  Is your partner fun and good humored?  Is your partner interested in what you say?  Does he/she want to hear about your friends and family?  Does his/her touch linger warmly on your skin?  Is it hard to say good-bye?