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Soulmates and reincarnation

One of our psychic readers is Elizabeth. She is an excellent spiritual teacher. She teaches others to make their intuition more powerful. She also teaches about reincarnation and how it affects a person's soulmate. If your soulmate is not on the same spiritual path as yours, this might not be the right time for that relationship.

There are many factors that can come into having two soulmates who are ready for their connection - the factors mainly deal with the spiritual plane both souls are on and whether or not the souls are evolved enough to have a relationship. If your soulmate is not evolved spiritually enough, the relationship may not happen. It can be very difficult for the soul who does recognize that the other person is their soulmate (when the other soul isn't evolved enough). It is important for that soul who recognizes their soulmate to turn around and walk away. Unfortunately, in this life, the two of you can be on a different spiritual plane and there is no changing that journey. Walking away is difficult - especially when souls recognize each other. However, it will save much heartache in the long term to recognize the spiritual paths are different and to be able to leave. There is no saving a person who is not on your same spiritual level.