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lunar eclipse

Take a break from the Olympics to get a reading!

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29 Jan

We are VERY excited about the Olympics starting on February 8, 2018. We are sure to be watching the skiers, snowboarders, skaters, bobsledders and all of the winter Olympic sports. We always love to watch the athletes at the top of their games compete in a friendly competition. We think the United States will do very well with numerous gold, silver and bronze metals.

When you get a chance, please don't forget to take time for yourself. There is so much coming up with the Winter Olympics and the full moon, blue moon with the lunar eclipse. Followed by the Opening Ceremony on February 8th AND then Valentine's Day on the 14th. The next few weeks will be exciting. It's a great time for a psychic reading. Don't forget about your dreams and needs while watching other people go for theirs.

Does anyone have any Olympic predictions? We think Team USA will do really well.

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Blue Moon, Supermoon, Total Lunar Eclipse January 31, 2018

22 Jan

A Blue moon, supermoon and total Lunar Eclipse takes place January 31, 2018. This type of lunar event has not occurred for 150 years. We are really excited about it! Lunar energy tends to be be feminine energy. This eclipse also takes place in Leo and ends an eclipse phase which began with the August 7, 2017 partial lunar eclipse.

The Solar Eclipse of 2017 in Leo (another rare event) that happened in the United States during the summer seems to have ushered in the Year of The Woman. Light from the sun was blocked from the earth and should have made female energy stronger. This energy change and shift should have revealed surprising secrets about people with male energy.

This Supermoon should help people understand their basic needs regarding love, their emotions, the resolution of old memories, the ability to sort out problems at home, the enjoyment of the insight that enhanced intuition provides, and the need for security.

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Total Lunar Eclipse and Energy

12 Apr

It is believed that a lunar eclipse will have a drastic affect on energy no matter a person's sun and moon signs. Of course, if the lunar eclipse is in your sun or moon, you may feel the energy more! This Tuesday, April 15, 2014 will mark the first of four lunar eclipses that will happen every six months over the next year and a half. The next total lunar eclipse dates are on October 8, 2014; then April 4, 2015; and September 28, 2015.

Lunar energy is generally maternal energy. It helps comfort and calm a person's energy. However, when the Earth is blocking the sun from shining on the moon, it may have an exact opposite affect. A person may become anxious and worrisome. In order to combat this instability, we recommend sageing and burning a white candle to keep energy in the home clear from negativity. Psychic readers may help you deal with the energy and calm you for your week ahead.

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