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Total Lunar Eclipse and Energy

It is believed that a lunar eclipse will have a drastic affect on energy no matter a person's sun and moon signs.  Of course, if the lunar eclipse is in your sun or moon, you may feel the energy more!  This Tuesday, April 15, 2014 will mark the first of four lunar eclipses that will happen every six months over the next year and a half.  The next total lunar eclipse dates are on October 8, 2014; then April 4, 2015; and September 28, 2015.

Lunar energy is generally maternal energy.  It helps comfort and calm a person's energy.  However, when the Earth is blocking the sun from shining on the moon, it may have an exact opposite affect.  A person may become anxious and worrisome.  In order to combat this instability, we recommend sageing and burning a white candle to keep energy in the home clear from negativity.  Psychic readers may help you deal with the energy and calm you for your week ahead.