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The Summer Solstice takes place on June 21, 2018 and seems to combine with a strong Saturn Retrograde. The Solstice generally signals new beginnings or deeper understanding while the Saturn Retrograde seem to seek truth.

34 Questions for a Tarot Card Reader

The best Tarot card readers will be able to tailor a psychic reading to you. You do not have to ask questions in a Tarot card reading, but questions do help focus on a specific issue versus getting a general reading. We have readers who are very comfortable reading with or without questions. Because we deal with mainly clairvoyant psychic readers, the readers are visual and descriptive in their readings providing an amazing experience over the phone.  

What is precognition?

Precognition is generally thought of as the ability to recognize or know a future event is going to happen before it actually happens. It is often explained as the ability to see into the future.  How does precognition work? This is a common question regarding psychics. Generally, there is more than one way to experience precognition.

Different types of psychic abilities explained

Clairvoyance is defined as the art of psychic seeing. A clairvoyant reader might see pictures in their head or be able to see events take place (kind of like a movie). They also may be able to see images or symbols through their mind’s eye that are relevant to a person’s situation. The images may be from the client's past, present or future.

7 Signs of Clairvoyance

Psychic Phenomena - Clairvoyance, psychic mediums, clairsentient and clairaudience

Psychic phenomena is generally defined as something that appears to contradict physical laws and suggests that the cause of an event is from the use of the mind.

An example of a person that claims to use psychic phenomena would be a telephone psychic.  The more common psychic phenomena used on a psychic telephone line would include some of the following: