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Basic information about Chakras

30 Apr

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There is hope for psychic energy vampires

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04 Dec

There are some people who are always going to be psychic vampires. They will not be the ones questioning on whether they are psychic vampires or not. They are the lifetime psychic vampires.

If a person is questioning their energy and whether or not they are a psychic vampire, it signals that person is probably able to work on their energy so they are not a lifelong psychic vampire. They are more of a transient psychic vampire. There is hope for moving forward with good energy and raising vibration.

You can work on your energy the same way you work on becoming more psychic. Learn to meditate, set boundaries, journal, take time for yourself, and cleanse your energy. Take time to listen to your friends - spend a whole conversation learning about them. Balance your chakras through diet, exercise and mediation. Grounding, getting outside and breathing fresh air, looking inward for answers and get help if needed.

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A little information about Chakras - the energy centers of the body

01 Jul

Chakras pertain to the connection between the mind, the body and the spirit. They are the energy centers of the body. There are seven major Chakras attached to the body.

Chakras populate your body through your spine, mid-section, and head. They are to be numbered from bottom (Chakras 5-7 - lower spine), to the mid-section (Chakra 4) and upward to the head (Chakras 1-3).

Balancing the energy of the Chakras that move through your being may to be important to your physical and spiritual well being. You can do many things to help balance your Chakras including yoga, reiki and meditation.

Interpreting and understanding your Chakras may be very helpful. Interestingly, the proper alignment of Chakras helps most readers enhance their ability to transmit and receive messages during a psychic reading.

Each Chakra has the ability to resonate to a set sound or color vibration. (Auras may reveal how your Chakras are functioning).

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