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What are my psychic powers?

Most people have psychic abilities. Some people have one or two abilities – others have many. Kind of like someone that plays more than one musical instrument. Halloween is the time of year when the “veil” is thought to be thinner, making all things psychic stronger. The following list may shed some light on what some of your psychic superpowers might be.

How to test your psychic skills with psychic exercises

If you want to enhance and explore your psychic abilities, there are several fun and simple exercises you can do. If you practice, you should be able to develop, understand and refine your abilities.

It is generally a good idea to record your progress in some sort of a journal. This should provide you with a baseline of where you were in order to see where you are heading.

How do I know if I am a psychic? Am I psychic?

We believe there are MANY more people who are psychic than who currently claim they are psychic. Intuition is known as our sixth sense. It is part of (most of our) the reason many people learn they have psychic abilities. Some people are born with stronger psychic abilities than others, but everyone who is a psychic needs to research and learn on how to develop and protect their energy. 

Psychic Elizabeth's Book - Have you read it yet?

We get many questions on how to develop psychic abilities, identifying psychic abilities, meditations and how to deal with the fear of being psychic. We recommend our reader, Elizabeth's book. Elizabeth has been reading with us for over 20 years. She is accurate, caring, spiritual and loving. We recommend everyone try to get a reading with her when she is available.