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What are my psychic powers?

Most people have psychic abilities. Some people have one or two abilities – others have many. Kind of like someone that plays more than one musical instrument. Halloween is the time of year when the “veil” is thought to be thinner, making all things psychic stronger. The following list may shed some light on what some of your psychic superpowers might be.

Do you get overwhelmed by feelings when in a large crowd? (Empath)
Do you feel a chill running up and down your spine when seeking answers? (Clairsentient)
Do you see hear a song play over and over in your head? (Clairaudient)
Do you experience pictures or colors in your head when talking to someone or when you are seeking answers? (Clairvoyance)
Do you feel energy or get messages from the other side (whether you ask for it or not?)? (Medium).
Do you have a dream or reoccurring scene that plays over and over again in your head – then find out the scene actually took place? (Precognitive).
Do you know what someone is going to say before they say it? (Telepathy)
Do you take on someone’s personality and mannerisms with ease? (Empath)
Do you smell a scent (like flowers) when there are no flowers around? (Clairsentient)
Do you hear an actual warning voice or shout in your head? (Clairaudient)
Do you see actual places in your mind when you focus on something? (Clairvoyant)
Do you feel energy – sometimes high pitched – that cannot be explained? (Medium)
Do you stop yourself from doing something for no apparent reason just before something undesirable happens? (Precognitive)
Do you have the ability to know what is going to be on a test from a teacher for a class before actually seeing the test? (Telepathy)

These are just a few examples of experiences that might reveal your psychic super powers. Talking to a professional telephone psychic during this prime time, which should be boosted  by Halloween Energy, might help you figure out your psychic superpowers. The ability to understand and use your psychic gifts to your best advantage should be good news.  If the Universe has given you a gift, why be afraid to use it for the good?

Exploring your abilities should be a great conversation starter when you talk to one of our tested telephone psychics. Two heads are often better than one. If you learn how use your gifts and are able to apply that knowledge to improve your situation, it will probably be a wonderful thing.

Just think how exciting it could be to understand and apply the messages you receive from the Universe regarding your love life, family issues, work, finance, spirituality, feelings and other areas that would benefit from the insight provided by your particular Psychic Superpowers.

Give us a call at The Psychic Line by Paramount Solutions to discuss your Psychic Super Powers. A talk with a professional psychic reader should help you sort it all out. Halloween season should provide you with the perfect time to give us a call regarding all things psychic.